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kick ASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

kick ass!!!!! I just found out i won a free cd!!! :-D

"We've selected your name randomly from our illustrious subscriber list with
the hopes that you'll receive a badass free CD from us.

What we're giving away:

- Thrice - The Illusion of Safety, Hopeless Records
- Adam West - Right On, Telegraph Records
- Selby Tigers - The Curse of the Selby Tigers, Hopeless Records

Be one of the first 30 people to respond to this email with your mailing
address, and we'll send you one of the above. Please tell us which one if
you have a preference."

I emailed back, then received another email saying I was within the first 30. So I got it! :-D That's so awesome...I've never won anything. I chose Thrice. :-D Oh yeah, this was from I think they deserve what little publicity I can give. :-D
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