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I received an email a few days ago:

ya hi i love youre pictures snd everything they just rock/!!! ok rock and but i have a major problem when i clicked on the buddie icon it will not let me have it for my bl and what is up with that huh? email me back!!!!!!!

My reply:

Thanks! What you need to do is to first rightclick the icon you want and save in on your computer. Then, in AIM, go to preferences, on the left click buddy icons, click browse pc, find where you saved it to, click it, and click ok.

Their reply:

Who are you and why are you emailing this address?


Because your email address emailed me asking for help. I could forward you the original email if you dont believe me.


Yes, please send back the message you received from my address, I am ******** and I did not ask or send you any message, What came back under your title "My Live Journal" was not something I want on my screen and I have a young user on this machine who does not need to see that crap talk. I am a member of a local Police agency and if I receive any more message from your email I will file charges. And you know if that happens they will find you..

Okay, now this person is full of shit. The only LJ thing I can think of that she might be talking about is, in my signature, I linked to my LJ. And file charges? Yeah.... "please send me back"..."if i receive any more emails from you..." haha...hypocrite? I think so.


I forwarded your email back to you. I don't know what your charges against me would be, "my live journal" is just a link in my one forced you to click it. Your "young user" is probably the one who emailed me to begin with. I run a website and he/she was just asking for help, and I was very nice and tried to help. Your threats are COMPLETELY uncalled for.

Grr...this pisses me off.

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