Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Mm...yesterday kicked ass. I got to the civic plaza a little late, but that was fine because the only band I missed I'd see later that night again. Firehydrant and Minimal Input (both ex-QTA) cancelled, which really sucked, but I saw Luc walking around, so that was cool. Ah, QTA memories... Anyway, I locked my keys in my truck but rhett and brian from the big spank helped me out and I was fine. I saw Time4Change, Falling Process and The Big Spank. I really like all those guys. Falling Process kinda reminds me of Finch. I met Ken, from T4C, who recognized me from previous shows. I asked if they had any cds and he said, "We're the kind of band that....we don't do cds." I told him they should. I'd love a T4C cd.

The crowds at local shows consist usually of the same people every time. And they're all really cool, too. Except the 2 7th graders we saw at the Launchpad who asked for a cigarette then offered to show us his balls. *shudders* Anyway, I made some new friends, who I'd seen before, but never talked to. Reva, Michelle, Amanda, Adrienne, and Amy. I got to the Launchpad an hour early, so we all talked about the most random things. 'Twas fun.

At the Launchpad, I saw Mosquito to Moscow, Chronic Logic, Danny Winn and the Earthlings, and Time4Change ( :-) again). I loved them all. I'd seen them all before, too, except Chronic Logic. Danny Winn is some of the best ska in NM.

Fuckin A...I had so much fun. I wish I could go to shows every weekend.
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