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i'm really freaked out right now....i just found a....thing....on the bathroom door. holy shit....*takes deep breath*.....I dont know exactly but its about 2 inches long and literally a million a millipede!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH.......I dont dislike insects, or bugs or whatever, but if they are loose in my house and have the capability of stinging me, that freaks me out. I can't kill it...I can never bring myself to do that to anything. when i saw it i grabbed the first empty cup i saw and put it over it and slid it down onto the floor. its still there...on the bathroom floor....under the cup.....When i put the cup over it, i accidentally took off one of its legs and the leg kept moving!!!!! i think it still is!!!!! i'm sitting on my computer chair with both feet on the chair too. i'm scared of the ground, now. i'm gonna go put it in a thing with a lid now....wish me luck...

Im back....I think it died...thats really weird since it was alive less than 10 minutes ago and all i did was accidentally take off one leg....maybe it was an antennae. Maybe it needs all its antennae to live...i dont know. I think its just playing dead, though. Its now in a container with a lid. I'm going to let my mommy deal with it (googoogaga). It doesnt matter what it is, I just can never bring myself to intentionally kill ANY living thing. Including this millipede.....dear god, thats still freaking me out.
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