Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Yesterday was fun. We did some activities for spring fling at school. It was "twin day", so sandra and kira dreessed alike, katrina and joby, lauren and juliana, tristine and whitney, and ali and i. There was a "pie your teacher in the face" banks, the vice principal, participated in that. There was a peep stuffing contest to see who could stuff the most peeps in their mouth. We ran that one, and we had some left, so kira decided to try it by herself. There was limbo, and marica, one of the tallest, and apparantly most limber, girls in school won. Emily said I couldnt take pictures of her unless she didnt know I was, and as long as she was smiling. So I did. Somehow, she managed to cut her lip on a piece of grass when I tried to teach her how to make it whistle. So yeah, that took up the whole last half of the school day. 'Twas fun. :-)
I was playing Holy Wood in my room, loud enough so I can hear it in here, and my mom just came home. We'll see how long it takes her for her to say "Could you PLEASE turn that off?" Haha....
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