Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

NYC pictures....finally...

1 - teehee

War protest:
2 - The police didnt really give us much trouble...I guess we were the lucky ones, from what I heard.
3 - Walking....
4 - and was SO goddamned cold that day.
5 - We took over the streets
6 - Lotsa people
7 - Cops on horses...I heard they trampled people to get them to move back, but we didnt see any of that where we were.
8 - More people....

9 - Kevin from the backstreet boys and me. my mom doesnt know how to work the camera so it's i'm blinking. :-P
10 - That's the view from our hotel room. There's the empire state building.
11 - Red white and blue for president's day weekend.
12 - From the 87th (i think?) floor of it.
13 - Yeah...I took more, but it's hard to really see anything.
14 - There's the blue part!
15 - It snowed. That's the view from our hotel again...the empire state building's no longer visible.

These next ones are all a day after the snowstorm...after it had had a day to melt (yeah right). I swear, the only cars in the road were taxis. People could have (and were) walking in the middle of the road...and this was manhattan.
16 - My mom making her way through the snow...
17 - Other people making their way through the damn snow.
18 - Grand Central...
19 - The airport (obviously).
20 - Some airport people got mad at some other people who were taking pictures, but they didn't notice that I was. :-D
21 - This was what it looked like when we first got on the plane
22 - And after waiting forever, this is what it looked like right before we took off...Apparently the plane was having trouble going in reverse because of all the damn snow.
23 - Plane food...
24 - Layover in Denver. I thought this pic looked cool.
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