Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

last cigarette: none ever
last car ride: earlier today, home from school
last kiss: :-\
last good cry: saturday on the way to albuquerque...because of a song.
last library book checked out: not too long ago, but it's overdue, and for a school project
last movie seen: xmen 2
last book read: trying to read the milagro beanfield war for english
last cuss word uttered: "fuckers..." to my tv because they cut off something too early
last beverage drank: tangerine juice...tasted more like grapefruit juice, though...ick
last food consumed: a hot pocket
last crush or current crush: hmm...:-)
last phone call: celeste making sure 930 wasnt too late to come over to drop something off...haha
last tv show watched: letterman
last time showered: this mornign
last shoes worn: black skechers
last cd played: mosquito to moscow - surprise rock
last item bought: my simple plan tshirt
last downloaded: soad's boom video
last annoyance: the horrible quality of this video i'm watching
last disappointment: ummm...i really dont know
last soda drank: dr pepper
last thing written: "dr pepper"
last key used: the delete key to delete ellie's answer
last word spoken: haha....."i miss you" to someone who wasnt there and i havent had the chance to talk to tonight
last im: ummm. ellie
last sexual fantasy: ?
last weird encounter: umm....celeste was being pretty weird when she came over today
last ice cream eaten: cherry garcia yesterday
last time amused: uhh....celeste again
last time wanting to die: not that i can life's pretty good at the moment
last time in love: eh.
last time hugged: umm...thursday. thats kinda sad
last time scolded: today
last time resentful: today
last chair sat in: my computer chair, which i am sitting in now
last lipstick used: chapstick - lip moisturizer - that's the best kind ever
last shirt worn: my industrial shirt but i just took it off
last time dancing: just a few minutes ago
last poster looked at: the ones on my walls
last show attended: simple plan, on saturday
last webpage visited: livejournal friends page

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