Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

and yet, we continue to lick ourselves

Pick ANY 20 LJ users on your friends list. Without revealing their names, say something about (or to) each one of them. Never reveal who is what...

1)'re cool, i'd consider you my best online friend
2) you can be a little overbearing and sometimes i just wish you'd lay off
3) we're never in the same place at the same time and when we are, something happens. i WILL meet you one of these days...
4) you act like you know everything, a little stuckup and you really annoy me sometimes
5) you seem cool, even though i dont know you very well. but hey, if ljmatch says we're compatible, then that must mean something ;-)
6) i hardly ever talk to you or comment on your journal, and you never do on mine, but i love reading your lj, and i dont know why
7) you were the best friend i had when i lived there and i wish we could get together more often
8) i've only met you once, and we never talk anymore, but we should more
9) i've only met you once also, but your taste in music rocks. :-)
10) hm. i dont know you, but your entries always really stand out on my friends page. the people that comment in your entries are just as interesting as the entries themselves. i still am not sure why you added me, but i'm glad you did
11) people tell you this all the time, so i dont like to be redundant, but you're hot so stop denying it. i dont know you too well either, but it makes me sad when you're sad and it makes me happy when you're happy
12) your lj reflects someone completely different from the person i knew. i havent actually seen you in forever though. we should hang out again
13) i dont know why you added me, but you're creepy
14) i hate to say this, but since you never post, i've forgotten who you are...
15) you said you were moving here, but i havent heard anything more about that in quite a sure to keep me updated
16) :-* I wish you knew...

Bleh...16's enough. I cant think of anything else. i dont know you people very well so i dont know what to say. And I cheated on's just someone who i know reads this a lot but isnt an lj member.

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