Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

So I saw Matchbox Twenty and Sugar Ray (and american hifi, but eh) tonight. 'Twas my first concert where there were seats. We weren't in the seats, though, we sat back in the lawn. I enjoyed myself for the most part, other than the drunk people literally falling all over me and my ass continuously falling asleep. We got there right as they let people on the lawn so we got to the front, and pretty much center. While reading this, keep in mind i only went because ali wanted me to.

american hifi's singer's voice annoyed me, but he had pink shoes.

mark mcgrath is cool. "go buy our cd. but if you dont.....then download it. we just want you to hear it." haha....i wish all bands had that attitude. mark was a little cocky though. they didnt have a drummer for all but maybe one song. ummm....yeah, the southwest setup was kinda weird. we live here, we see it everyday (well not really, but y'know), so that kinda annoyed me.

I like m20 more now after seeing them live. i love rob thomas's voice. they played gone, which was the one song i was hoping they'd play. i recorded some of it on my cell phone and just now transferred it onto the computer. the quality's not the best, but it's the best considering what i had. they played a lot of the singles which was good because i dont know the new cd very well. A lot of old ones too...3am, push, back to good, real world...And during the ones i didnt know, i became entranced by the background movie-thing, just colorful swirls like windows media player would have. We left before the encore because I wanted to look at shirts we both wanted to beat traffic.

Holy shit. $35 - $40 just for a damn tshirt? Maybe I'm just used to the sunshine, but that's a little insane. I'll pass, thanks.

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