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Inconceivable!! background/layout. Looks best maximized at 1280x1024

RHCP/Snoop/left unsaid tomorrow night. :-)
Now that I think about it, I should've put up a LU background...I have a few of them. Oh well, I spent time making this layout fit this background, so I'll leave it a day or two, at least.
I'm downloading unwritten law b-sides
the weakest link host guy annoys me. His stupid little jokes. Not so much the jokes, but the fact that the audience always laughs so hard at them.
They just asked a question about ace of bace, so I decided to get my cd out and listen to it. wow, this cd has so many memories attached.
I'm having fun abusing the random button and guessing the age and sex of whoever I come to.
I want to see XXX again. I like that movie.
Dick's leaving next week for a few days so mom's going to make me help her clean, but then we're going to watch the princess bride, because everyone has to see that movie and she hasn't. I absolutely love that movie.
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