Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Short version: I trapped two spiders and watched while they attacked and killed each other.

Long version:
I spotted a spider on my floor. That's not unusual. It wasnt very big, so I grabbed the nearest small tupperware container that I keep nearby for just such an occasion and I trapped it. Two seconds later, I looked across the room and saw another one, twice as big, scurrying across the floor. I grapped my trash can, which has kind of a risen bottom, took the tupperware off the small spider and put my trash can on it. Then I ran over and trapped the bigger one with the tupperware. I found another tupperware from the kitchen, but changed my mind and put them both in the same one. It was a pretty small container, so it wasnt long before they found each other. They went into the 69 position with their legs holding each other. I think they both bit each other because they stayed that way for a while, but now they've let go, and the smaller one is not moving at all, and the bigger one is on its side, weakly moving a leg here and there. The discovery channel in action! I think they're the same type of spider too.

edit: picture!

edit again: the little one's leg is twitching!

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