Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Yeah, I'm bored.

CDs I own
98 degrees - and rising
ace of base - cruel summer
ace of base - the sign
adema - s/t
adema - insomniac's dream
afi - sing the sorrow
aqua - aquarium
ataris - so long astoria
backstreet boys - s/t
backstreet boys - millennium
bad religion - stranger than fiction
bad religion - the gray race
bbmak - sooner or later
beach boys - best of
before braille - (promo advance)
the big spank - waiting for retzen
blink 182 - buddha
blink 182 - cheshire cat
blink 182 - dude ranch
blink 182 - enema of the state
blink 182 - mark tom and travis show
blink 182 - take off your pants and jacket
bloodhound gang - hooray for boobies
blue meanies - kiss your ass goodbye
bowling for soup - drunk enough to dance
boxcar racer - s/t
brand new - deja entendu
brand new - your favorite weapon
brazil - dasein
mariah carey - butterfly
cky - volume one
cky - infiltrate.destroy.rebuild
paula cole - this fire
creed - human clay
danny winn and the earthlings - band from earth
danny winn and the earthlings - leap for mankind
dead kennedys - fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
dead kennedys - bedtime for democracy
dead kennedys - give me convenience or give me death
dead kennedys - frankenchrist
disturbed - believe
disturbed - the sickness
divit - broadcaster
dogstar - happy ending
drowning fish - memories made, times forgotten
dynamite hack - superfast
eiffel 65 - europop
eminem - the eminem show
eminem - the marshall mathers lp
eminem - the slim shady lp
eve 6 - s/t
falling process - s/t
filter - the amalgamut
filter - short bus
filter - title of record
finch - what it is to burn
fomofuiab - s/t
glasseater - s/t
godsmack - s/t
godsmack - alive
goldfinger - darrin's coconut ass
goldfinger - s/t
goldfinger - open your eyes
goldfinger - stomping ground
good charlotte - s/t
good charlotte - young and the hopeless
green day - 1039/smoothed out slappy hours
green day - kerplunk
green day - insomniac
green day - dookie
green day - nimrod
green day - warning
green day - international superhits
green day - shenanigans
greenwheel - soma holiday
her - razorblade romance
home town hero - s/t
incubus - make yourself
ivy - guestroom
jamiroquai - travelling without moving
jewel - pieces of you
spike jones - is murdering the classics
junction 18 - heroes from the future
just a joke - s/t
keepsake - black dress in a b movie1
the kicks - s/t
kid rock - devil without a cause
knockout - searching for solid ground
korn - issues
limp bizkit - significant other
limp bizkit - chocolate starfish
linkin park - hybrid theory
linkin park - meteora
linkin park - reanimation
lit - a place in the sun
lost prophets - the fake sound of progress
m2m - shades of purple
marilyn manson - holy wood
marilyn manson - golden age of grotesque
matchbox twenty - mad season
matchbox twenty - more than you think you are
tim mcgraw - it's your love single
mest - destination unknown
mest - s/t
mest - mo money mo 40'z
mest - wasting time
metallica - s/t
metallica - s&m
misplaced - demo
mosquito to moscow - melancholy songs from our self
mosquito to moscow - misconceptions
mosquito to moscow - surprise rock
mu330 - live
mudhoney - since we've become translucent
dave navarro - trust no one
near miss - the gentle art of making enemies
new car smell - my two cents
new found glory - sticks and stones
nirvana - nevermind
no doubt - return of saturn
no doubt - tragic kingdom
nofx - punk in drublic
nsync - s/t
nsync - no strings attached
offspring - americana
offspring - conspiracy of one
orgy - candyass
orgy - vapor transmission
beth orton - daybreaker
pennyroyals - rough cuts
pennywise - land of the free?
plain white t's - stop
question the answers - memories that haunt and bless me
question the answers - wild accusations and burning sensations
joey ramone - don't worry about me
red hot chili peppers - californication
rock kills kid - s/t
rudy + blitz - reverb on the click
saraphine - s/t
savage garden - affirmation
savage garden - s/t
silverchair - diorama
simple plan - no pads, no helmets...just balls
jessica simpson - sweet kisses
smash mouth - fush yu mang
sneaker pimps - bloodsport
soil - scars
something corporate - audioboxer
something corporate - leaving through the window
something corporate - ready...break
sparta - wiretap scars
britney spears - one more time
spice girls - spice
sr71 - now you see inside
william staffey - roadstar
staind - dysfunction
staind - break the cycle
stroke 9 - nasty little thoughts
sublime - s/t
sugarcult - start static
suicidal tendencies - still cyco after all these years
system of a down - steal this album
system of a down - s/t
system of a down - toxicity
systemic - s/t
third eye blind - s/t
thrice - the illusion of safety
trust company - the lonely position of neutral
unwritten law - s/t
unwritten law - elva
unwritten law - music in high places
used - maybe memories
used - s/t
vandals - internet dating superstuds
vandals - look what i almost stepped in...
john vanderslice - life and death of an american fourtracker
noe venable - boots
village people - best of
weezer - s/t (green)
westlife - s/t

CDs I burned from someone else's copy
2gether - again
christina aguilera - stripped
audioslave - s/t
blink 182 - flyswatter
bush - sixteen stone
chevelle - wonder what's next
cky - volume two
everclear - so much for the afterglow
goo goo dolls - a boy named goo
goo goo dolls - dizzy up the girl
incubus - s.c.i.e.n.c.e.
incubus - fungus amongus
him - deep shadows and brilliant highlights
him - greatest lovesongs vol. 666
him - razorblade romance
him - ultra rare trax vol. 1
korn - untouchables
marcy playground - s/t
matchbox 20 - yourself or someone like you
metallica - load
papa roach - infest
phantom planet - guest
pink floyd - a momentary lapse of reason
pink floyd - division bell
pink floyd - wish you were here
rammstein - live aus berlin
rammstein - mutter
red hot chili peppers - blood sugar sex majik
red hot chili peppers - by the way
rob zombie - hellbilly deluxe
smashing pumpkins - melon collie and the infinite sadness
soundgarden - bad motorfinger
soundgarden - superunknown
spine shank - the height of callousness
static-x - machine
sublime - 40 oz to freedom
sugar ray - floored
tool salival

a-f records sampler 2002
atticus - dragging the lake
city of angels soundtrack
daredevil soundtrack
dont be scared
dont be scared vol. 2
doubleshot: punk
drivethru records: welcome to the family
ear candy
five years on the streets
give em the boot III
hopelessly devoted to you
hopelessly devoted to you vol. 4
hopeless record's 50th release
life in the fat lane
now 3
playing 4 square 2
plea for peace take action
polyvinyl sampler | 2002 - 2003
punk chunks
punk goes pop
punk o rama vol 2
punk o rama vol 3
punk o rama vol 5
safety first 2001 sampler
warped tour 2003

I stripped everyone of their "the". It makes it easier on me, and with some bands, I never can remember whether or not they're supposed to have it anyway.

It wouldnt let me fit my next list, so it'll go in another post.

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