Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

? - tell me
? - ?
? - Starstruck
? - Grow Up
2pac - Thugz Mansion
3 doors down - when i'm gone
30 seconds to mars - capricorn
311 - down
311 - come original
88 Fingers Louie - Newspaper
98 degrees - the hardest thing
a new found glory - 3rd and long
a new found glory - better off dead
a new found glory - boy crazy
a new found glory - broken sound
a new found glory - dressed to kill
a new found glory - ex-miss
a new found glory - eyesore
a new found glory - hit or miss
a new found glory - i don't wanna miss a thing
a new found glory - it never snows in florida
a new found glory - never ending story theme
a new found glory - sincerely me
a new found glory - sucker
a new found glory - the minute i met you
a new found glory - tell tale heart
a perfect circle - judith
a perfect circle - three libras
abbott and costello - who's on first
ace troubleshooter - punk rock chick
adam sandler - thanksgiving song
Adamski - Killer
aerosmith - dream on
aerosmith - i don't wanna miss a thing
afi - days of the phoenix
afi - last caress
afi - morningstar
afi - perfect fit
afi - the boy who destroyed the world
afi - total immortal
Against Me! - I Still Love You Julie
aha - take on me
aladdin - a whole new world
alice in chains - brother (live)
alice in chains - fear the voices
alice in chains - frogs
alice in chains - get born again
alice in chains - god am
alice in chains - god smack
alice in chains - got me wrong
alice in chains - grind
alice in chains - hate to feel
alice in chains - heaven beside you
alice in chains - i stay away
alice in chains - killer is me (live)
alice in chains - man in the box
alice in chains - no excuses
alice in chains - over now
alice in chains - rooster (live)
alice in chains - rotten apple
alice in chains - sea of sorrow
alice in chains - sludge factory
alice in chains - whale & wasp
alice in chains - would
alkaline trio - 97
alkaline trio - as you were
alkaline trio - bleeder
alkaline trio - cringe
alkaline trio - goodbye forever
alkaline trio - i lied my face off
alkaline trio - my friend peter
alkaline trio - nose over tail
alkaline trio - private eye
alkaline trio - radio
alkaline trio - san francisco
alkaline trio - sorry about that
all 4 one - i swear
All American Rejects - Swing, Swing
all saints - never ever
All Saints - Under the Bridge
All Saints - Lady Marmalade
alli with an i - mixed emotions
allister - boysenberry
allister - fraggle punk rock
allister - friday night
allister - i want it that way
allister - jacob thinks i'm gay
allister - jimmy's dreamgirl
aloha - we get down
american hi-fi - flavor of the weak
am/fm - gone in three
Anberlin - Ready Fuels
animals - house of the rising sun
Annie Lennox - Walking on Broken Glass
Anniversary - Sweet Marie
Anthrax - 1000 Points of Hate
anti-flag - 911 for peace
Apologetix - How You Remind Me
Apologetix - Corinthians
Apples In Stereo - About Your Fame
aqua - barbie girl
Arena Drive - Dreamer
at the drive-in - one-armed scissor
Ataris - Angry Nerd Rock
Ataris - Broken Promise Ring
Ataris - I Wont Spend Another Night Alone
Ataris - In This Diary
Ataris - My Hotel Year
Ataris - San Dimas High School Football Rules
Ataris - The Last Song I'll Ever Write About A Girl
Atom and His Package - Open Your Heart
audioslave - cochise
autopilot off - clockwork
autopilot off - me and you
Autopilot Off - Walk On Water
avril lavigne - complicated
avril lavigne - i'm with you
avril lavigne - sk8r boi
Avril Lavigne - Mobile
Avril Lavigne - My World
Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say
Avril Lavigne - Too Much To Ask
Avril Lavigne - Unwanted
b-52s - love shack
B*Witched - C'est La Vie
backstreet boys - all i have to give
backstreet boys - as long as you love me
Bad Religion - Sorrow
Bad Religion - Leaders and Followers
barenaked ladies - one week
Barenaked Ladies - If I Had A Million Dollars
Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey
Beautiful Creatures - Wasted
Beatles - All You Need Is Love
Beatles - Because
Beatles - Do You Want To Know A Secret
Beatles - Do It in the Road
Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Beatles - In A World Without Love
Beatles - Let It Be
Beautiful Creatures - Ride
beck - loser
Beck - Lost Cause
ben e king - stand by me
ben folds five - brick
Betty Everett - It's In His Love (Shoop Shoop)
Black Sabbath - Iron Man
Blank Theory - Broken Glass
Blank Theory - Middle of Nowhere
blessid union of souls - hey leonardo
Blind Melon - No Rain
Blindside - Sleepwalking
blink 182 - what's my age again
Blondie - The Tide Is High
bloodhound gang - fire water burn
Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch - KMFDM remix
blur - song 2
Bone Thugz N Harmony - Crossroads
boston - more than a feeling
Bouncing Souls - Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics
bowling for soup - belgium
bowling for soup - boulevard
bowling for soup - dance with you
bowling for soup - everything
bowling for soup - koolaid
bowling for soup - suckerpunch
bowling for soup - summer of '69
boy hits car - i'm a cloud
boy sets fire - in hope
boy sets fire - still waiting for the punchline
Breaking Benjamin - Skin
Breaking Benjamin - Natural Life
brewer - one toke over the line
brian mcknight - anytime
Bright Eyes - Method Acting
britney spears - sometimes
Britney Spears - Overprotected
Britney Spears - Let Me Be
bryan adams - everything i do
Buddy Holly - Everyday
bush - letting the cables sleep
bush - the chemicals between us
butthole surfers - pepper
butthole surfers - shame of life
Camp Freddy - 20th Century Boy
candlebox - you
Carpenters - Top of the World
case - happily ever after
chad kroeger and joesy scott - hero
chanté moore - chanté's got a man
Cher - Shoop Shoop
cherry poppin daddies - zoot suit riot
chester bennington - system
chevelle - the red
Choking Victim - Born To Die
chris cornell - can't change me
Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, Pink - Lady Marmalade
christina aguilera - beautiful
Christina Aguilera - I Turn To You
Cinder - Soul Creation
cky - Victory
cky - Fairman's Song
cky - Nothing You Can Do
cky - Human Drive in HiFi (Soft Funk Remix)
cky - Bite It, You Scum
cky - Sinking Fast
cky - Inhuman Creation Station (demo)
cky - Sporadic Movement (demo)
cky - Halfway House (demo)
cky - Lost In A Contraption (demo)
cky - No Such Thing (demo)
cky - Human Drive In HiFi (demo mix)
cky - Victory (War Scene)
cky on Rockline
Clash - Hateful
Clash - I Fought the Law
Clash - I Want You To Want Me
Clash - Janie Jones
Clash - Lost in the Supermarket
Clash - Spanish Bombs
Clash - Koka Kola
Clash - London Calling
Clawfinger - Two Sides
Closure - Look Out Below
cold - gone away
cold - no one
Cold - Stupid Girl
Coldplay - Yellow
Counting Crows - Colorblind
craig's brother - back and forth
Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms
cyndi lauper - time after time
Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar
Dana Glover - Rain
Daniel Beddingfield - Gotta Get Through This
Darwin's Waiting Room - Feel So Stupid (Table 9)
Dave Matthews Band - Grace Is Gone
David Bowie - Space Oddity
david draiman - forsaken
Dead Milkmen - If You Love Someone, Set Them on Fire
Deanna Carter - Strawberry Wine
Deep Purple - Smoke On the Water
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
Deftones - Minerva
Deftones - Digital Bath
Deftones - Change (In the House of Flies)
Delta Goodrem - I Don't Care
Desaparacidos - Man and Wife, The Latter
Desaparacidos - Man and Wife, The Former
dillinger escape plan - 4th grade dropout
Distillers - I Am a Revenant
DJ Shadow - Six Days
DMX, Big Stan, Kashmir & Bazaa - Getting Down
Donna Summer - Macarthur Park
Dropkick Murphys - Fortunes of War
Drowning Pool - Tear Away
early november - come back
eminem - 8 mile
eminem - run rabbit run
eminem - love me
eminem - lose yourself
Endor - Say Goodbye
enrique iglesias - bailamos
Estrela - Rivers of When
eve 6 - here's to the night
eve 6 - promise
Eve 6 - Think Twice
everclear - i will buy you a new life
Exit - Worthless
Face To Face - Bill of Goods
fastball - out of my head
fastball - the way
fatboy slim - rockafeller skank
Filter - Trip Like I Do
Finch - Bury Me
Finch - Dumb (Nirvana cover)
Finch - The New Kid
Finch - Frail
Finch - Waiting
foo fighters all my life
foo Fighters - Times Like These
Foo Fighters - Next Year
Foreign Objects - Unsuccessful Journey Through the Asteroid Belt
Foreign Objects - Far Cry Behind
Four Tops - Macarthur Park
friction - auburn
From Autumn To Ashes - Cherry Kiss
From Zero - Sorry
Funeral Oration - Damn You
Funeral Oration - Hard to the Core
garbage - special
Garbage - I Would Die For You (remix)
Garbage - I Would Die For You
George Bush - Whatever
George Michael - One More Try
GG Allin - You Hate Me and I Hate You
GG Allin - I Live To Be Hated
Girls vs Boys - Basstation
goldfinger - 99 red balloons
goldfinger - counting the days
goldfinger - don't say goodbye
goldfinger - feel like making love
goldfinger - fuck you and your cat
goldfinger - i need to know
goldfinger - if only
goldfinger - just like heaven
goldfinger - king for a day
goldfinger - mable
goldfinger - miles away
goldfinger - my head
goldfinger - pick a fight
goldfinger - rio
goldfinger - san simeon
goldfinger - superman
goldfinger - this lonely place
goldfinger - vintage queen
goo goo dolls - iris
Grey Daze - Shouting Out
guns n roses - live and let die
Halifax - Call All Your Reserves
hanson - mmmbop
harvey danger - flagpole sitta
Hot Rod Circuit - The Pharmacist
Ice Cube and Paul Oakenfold - Right Here Right Now
ideal - get gone
imajin - shorty
ivory coast - things a sword would say
Jamison - Paper Rock Scissors
Jan Delay (Absolute Beginner) - Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann
Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes
janet jackson - together again
jawbreaker - fireman
jefferson airplane - white rabbit
Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love
Jesus Lizard - Panic In Cicero
Jet Black Summer - Fraulein
Jet Black Summer - Ether
Jet Black Summer - Blood In, Blood Out
Jets to Brazil - Perfecting Loneliness
Josh Freese - Ass Backwards
Josh Freese - Caffeine and Vaseline
Josh Freese - Why Won't Left Eye
Josh Freese - Fuck Mardi Gras
Josh Freese - Josh Freese Is Ready
Josh Freese - Playboy Mansion
Karaoke - Aerosmith - Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Karaoke - Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me
Karaoke - Backstreet Boys - Don't Want to Lose You Now
Karaoke - Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way
Karaoke - Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games With My Heart
Karaoke - Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
Karaoke - Blink 182 - All the Small Things
Karaoke - Britney Spears - Oops...I Did It Again
Karaoke - Mandy Moore - Candy
Karaoke - No Doubt - Don't Speak
Karaoke - Nsync - God Must Have Spent
Karaoke - Nsync - This I Promise You
Karaoke - Offspring - Pretty Fly for a White Guy
Karaoke - Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You
Karaoke - Savage Garden - To The Moon and Back
Karaoke - Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply
kci and jojo - all my life
kci and jojo - tell me it's real
Kind of Like Spitting - Hoax
Kind of Like Spitting - Cater
Kind of Like Spitting - Free Advice
Kind of Like Spitting - Following Advice
Kind of Like Spitting - Passionate
Kind of Like Spitting - Untitled
King Django - Kick It Out
King Django - Never Try
King Django - Next Season
King Django - No Trial
King Django - Reason
Kinks - You Really Got Me
kittie - brackish
KMFDM - Search & Destroy
KMFDM - Oh Look
KMFDM - Godlike
Kris Kross - Jump
kyle fischer - just one more day
kyuss - 100 degrees
Langley Schools Music Project - Space Oddity (cover)
Leann Rimes - How Do I
Leann Rimes - Blue
Left Setter - Trainwreck
Left Setter - Autumn Leaves
Left Setter - 11:11
Left Unsaid - Bottle Rocket
Left Unsaid - Dresden
Left Unsaid - Jayne
Left Unsaid - When We Were There
Left Unsaid - One Without
Lemonheads - Alison's Starting To Happen
Lemonheads - The Outdoor Type
Lemonheads - Into Your Arms
Lemonheads - If I Could Talk I'd Tell You
lenny kravitz - american woman
lenny kravitz - fly
less than jake - i think i love you
Lifehouse - Spin
Lil Kim, Mya, Pink, Christina Aguilera - Lady Marmalade
limp bizkit - nookie
link 80 - nothing left
Linkin Park - Don't Stay (live)
Linkin Park - Faint (live)
Linkin Park - From the Inside (live)
Linkin Park - Lying From You (live)
Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong (live)
Linkin Park - Interview 2
Linkin Park - Interview 1
lit - addicted
live - dolphin's cry
Live - Lightning Crashes
living end - prisoner of society
local h - bound to the floor
Lords of Acid - Marijuana in Your Brain
Lords of Acid - Do What You Wanna Do
Low - In The Drugs
Low - Canada
Lucky Boys Confusion - Bossman
lucky boys confusion - fred astaire
Madonna - Vogue
Madonna - Frozen
Manchester United - Come On You Reds
Mandy Moore - Candy
marcy playground - sex and candy
Mariah Carey - I Don't Wanna Cry
marilyn manson - tainted love
Mars Volta - Tira Me A Las Arañas
Matchbox Twenty - If You're Gone (live)
mates of state - über legitimate
matt pond pa - fairlee
Mclusky - To Hell With Good Intentions
mest - beer
mest - compulsive prep
mest - is this the end
mest - melt with you
mest - rebel with a reason
mest - say so long
mest - ska song
mest - that song
midtown - let go
Misfits - Die, Die My Darling
Mistletoe - To Tide You OVer
Mistletoe - This Tension
modern english - melt with you
Modest Mouse - Paper Thin Walls
Modest Mouse - You're the Good Things
Moneen - What'd You Say? Sorry, My Eyes Are On Fire
Moneen - The Rise and Fall of Maximus Hughes in the Key of F Sharp Minor
Moneen - The Passing of America
Moneen - Are We Really Happy with Who We Are Right Now
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It
Morrissey - The National Front Disco
Morrissey - November Spawned a Monster
Moth - Thinking Please
Moth - I See Sound
Moth - Cocaine Star
Mountain Goats - The House That Dripped Blood
Mountain Goast - No Children
movielife - face or kneecaps
Mulvalina Voovoo - My Cubicle
Mulvalina Voovoo - Colorblind Sunglasses
MxPx - Oh Donna
My Chemical Romance - Demolition Lovers Part One
My Chemical Romance - Cubicles
Mya, Pink, Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera - Lady Marmalade
Neil Young - Albuquerque
nena - 99 luftballons
nena - 99 red balloons (english)
nena - 99 luft ballons (long version)
Nerve Agents - The Poisoning
New Bomb Turks - End of the Great Credibility Race
New Found Glory - I Want It That Way
Nine Inch Nails - Eraser
Nirvana - Dumb
No Doubt - Waiting Room
nofx - don't call me white
nofx - falling in love
nofx - vanilla sex
NOFX - w/Lagwagon, Goldfinger
NOFX - Decline
Rancid and NOFX - Moron Bros.
Norah Jones - Dont Know Why
nothingface - bleeder
Nsync - How Deep Is Your Love
Nsync - Music of My Heart
offspring - total immortal
Oil - Tunnel
Oil - Thanks for the Ride
Oil - In HiFi
oleander - why i'm here
Olive - You're Not Alone
omd - if you leave
onesidezero - instead laugh
onesidezero - new world order
Ours - Leaves
owen - the ghost of what should've been
Pacifier - Bullitproof
papa roach - between angels and insects
papa roach - broken home
papa roach - last resort
paris, texas - hip replacement
Partridge Family - Point Me In the Direction of Albuquerque
Partridge Family - I Think I Love You
Paul Oakenfold - This Is Trance
Paul Oakenfold - James Bond Theme
Paul Oakenfold - Binary Finary
Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl
Paula Cole - Feelin Love
Ice Cube and Paul Oakenfold - Right Here Right Now
Peaches - AA XXX
pearl jam - last kiss
pele - crisis win
pennyroyals - five more minutes
pennywise - stand by me
Piebald - American Hearts
pink - family portrait
Pink, Mya, Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera - Lady Marmalade
pink floyd - another brick in the wall (1,2,3)
Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell
pink panther - theme
Powerman 5000 - Free
powerman 5000 - when worlds collide
presidents of the united states of america - peaches
Prick - Actress
Prick - Darling Dead
Prick - I Know It's Gonna Hurt
Prick - I Apologize
Prick - Tough
Prick - Wet Cat
Primus - My Name Is Mud
Project 86 - Hollow Again
puddle of mudd - she fucking hates me
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
queens of the stone age - avon
queens of the stone age - if only
queens of the stone age - monsters in the parasol
Queens of the Stone Age - Mosquito Song
queens of the stone age - no one knows
queens of the stone age - regular john
queens of the stone age - you would know
Queers - Rancid Motherfucker
Queers - MacArthur's Park
Queers - I Hate Your Fucking Guts
Ra - Do You Call My Name
radiohead - creep
radiohead - karma police
rainer maria - ears ring
rancid - ruby so ho
rancid - salvation
rancid - time bomb
Rancid - Gave It Away
Rancid - Ghetto Box
Rancid - Indestructible
rancid - International Cover-Up
Rancid - It's Quite Alright
Rancid - Maxwell Murders
Rancid - Motorcycle Ride
rancid - Poison
Rancid - Roots Radicals
Rancid - She's Automatic
Rancid - Solidarity
Rancid - St. Mary
Rancid - The 11th Hour
Rancid - Warsaw
Rancid and NOFX - Moron Bros.
ramones - i wanna be sedated
Reel Big Fish - Take On Me
Reggie and the Full Effect - Another Runaway Song
red hot valentines - calling off today
rem - everybody hurts
rem - losing my religion
rem - the one i love
Richard Cheese - Come Out and Play
Richard Cheese - Creep
Richard Cheese - Holiday In Cambodia
Richard Cheese - Last Resort
Richard Cheese - Nookie/Break Stuff
Richard Cheese - Wrong Way
Richard Harris - Macarthur Park
Richard Marx - Hold On To the Night
Ricky Martin - Livin La Vida Loca
Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman
Rudy+Blitz - Used it All Up
Rudy+Blitz - Lucky Me
Rudy+Blitz - Just About Done
Rudy+Blitz - PFD
rufio - one slowdance
Rupert's Lane - I Don't Care
saliva - always
saturday looks good to me - the sun doesn't want to shine
Saved By the Bell - Zack Attack - Did We Ever Have A Chance
Saves the Day - Cars and Calories
schatzi - death of the alphabet
Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane
Scorpions - No One Like You
Seether - Driven Under
seether - fine again
Rose Tattoo - Serafina
Reinhard Mey - Serafina
Les Serpents Noirs - Serafina
L'Aborgi - La Serafina
sevendust - waffle
sex pistols - anarchy in the uk
sex pistols - god save the queen
Sheila Divine - Back to the Cradle
Sheila Divine - Back to the Cradle (live)
Sifl and Olly - United States of Whatever
silverchair - ana's song
silverchair - anthem for the year 2000
Silverchair - Tomorrow
Silverchair - Cemetary
simple minds - don't you forget about me
simple plan - by my side
simple plan - i'm just a kid
simple plan - my alien
simple plan - when i'm with you
simple plan - won't be there
simple plan - worst day ever
Simpsons - Halloween Beginning
Simpsons - Beginning
Simpsons - End
Simpsons - Covered by Sonic Youth
Ska-P - Welcome To Hell
Ska-P - Cannabis
smash mouth - all-star
Smile Empty Soul - Bottom of a Bottle
Smooths - In The Grass
Snoop Dogg - Bitch Please
Social Burn - Down
soul coughing - super bon bon
Sounds - Living in America
spice girls - say you'll be there
spiritfall - My Reason
Spitting Image - The Chicken Song
Spoon - Small Stakes
SR71 - Tomorrow
Stavesacre - Keep Waiting
Stavesacre - Tranewreck
Stefan Raab - Wadde Hadde Dudde Da?
stone sour - bother
Stone Temple Pilots - Dead and Bloated
sugarcult - bruises
sugarcult - come crashing down
sugarcult - debbie
sugarcult - drive all day
sugarcult - i'm alright
sugarcult - killing me
sugarcult - lost in you
sugarcult - no action
sugarcult - pretty waste
sugarcult - say i'm sorry
sugarcult - saying goodbye
sugarcult - superhyperspastic
sugarcult - stuck in america
sugarcult - underwear
sugarcult - you're the one
suicidal tendencies - institutionalized
sum 41 -
sunday's best - our left coast ambitions
Supernova - Chewbacca
Switchfoot - Meant to Live
thursday - understanding (in a car crash)
uncle kracker - follow me
uncle kracker - yeah yeah yeah
union underground - turn me on mr deadman
unwritten law - unwritten xmas
uses of the word "fuck"
Taking Back Sunday - Baby Your Beard Hurts (live)
Taking Back Sunday - Ellieisomghawt (live)
Taking Back Sunday - Timberwolves At New Jersey
Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer
Taking Back Sunday - One Way Conversation
Taking Back Sunday - The Blue Channel
taproot - again and again
taproot - poem
Taproot - Now
Taproot - Mine
Tatu - All the Things She Said
Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever
Time4Change - LYEC
Time4Change - All The Same
tonic - if you could only see
tool - opiate
Trapt - These Walls
Trapt - Still Frame
Trapt - Headstrong
Treble Charger - Hundred Million
Tripping Daisy - I Got a Girl
Tsunami Bomb - Lemonade
Twothirtyeight - The Sticks Are Woven In The Spokes
Twothirtyeight - Songs Will Write The Words
Twothirtyeight - Modern Day Prayer
Twothirtyeight - Forty Hour Increments
U2 - With or Without You
U2 - Sweetest Thing
Vandals - 1985 - 2000
Vandals - An Idea for a Movie
Vandals - Anarchy Burger
Vandals - Ball and Chain
Vandals - Euro-Barge
Vandals - Hocus Pocus
Vandals - I Don't Believe In Santa Claus
Vandals - I've Got an Ape Drape
Vandals - Jilted John
Vandals - Legend of Pat Brown
Vandals - Let the Bad Times Roll
Vandals - Marry Me
Vandals - My Girlfriend's Dead
Vandals - Soup of the Day
Vandals - Summer Lovin'
Vandals - Teenage Idol
Vandals - Thanks for Nothing
Vandals - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Vendetta Red - Shatterday
verve - bittersweet symphony
wakefield - another girl
wakefield - fall to pieces
wakefield - had me at goodbye
wakefield - infamous
wakefield - loser
wakefield - miss you
Weakerthans - Watermark
Weakerthans - Aside
Weird Al - Albuquerque
White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Whitney Houston - Greatest Love of All
Wonders - That Thing You Do
x-ecutioners - it's goin down
zeromancer - clone your lover
zeromancer - doctor online
zeromancer - need you like a drug
zeromancer - send me an angel
zeromancer - something for the pain

I know I'm forgetting some, but that's most.

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