Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

updating this again since i've made new friends since last time

drawingboard 102%
anotherlincoln 98%
sjh3585 95%
ellielikewhoa 91%
daisiedrew 87%
lethallemon 87%
badstarfalling 84%
kandyraverboi 84%
notyrgirl 80%
aintaintaword 79%
joyousend 77%
kimberleyhavok 74%
gcmestmeup 70%
necroangel666 69%
gr8punkette 66%
How compatible with me are YOU?, it's funny how the people at the top are the ones I'm closest to and the ones at the bottom I hardly ever talk to.
Relaxed and Lazy
Relaxed & Lazy KJ! A computer [or some sort of tv
screen] addict, procrastinator, often sleepy,
yet taking sweet time to enjoy life. You may
even have a calming affect over those you are
with. Be sure to get out once and a while.

Which Kari Are You?
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