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And I'm afraid to IM anyone. My ISP likes to disconnect me, but not tell me. So people think they're IMing me, I think I'm IMing people, but the messages dont actually go through. Pages think they're just taking a long time to load. It's sometimes 10 minutes before I realize it. So if anyone has tried to IM me and I "ignored" you, that's why.

I had a calculus test today. I think I did pretty well.

I registered for ACTs and SATs. Both are in October, 2 weeks apart, one of them on Homecoming. Thankfully, I'm not going. Fuck homecoming. Fuck all dances. Fuck football games too. Theres one tonight that I'm intentionally not at.

I have to decide where I want to apply to college. I'm sending my scores to UCSC, UCSD, University of Colorado: Boulder and NYU (which I'm not going to unless I get a scholarship). I dont know how I feel about any of those. I need to decide on more, and fast. Some places' deadlines are in No-fucking-vember.

Photography class is about the only thing that's going well. We made some prints this week and I was pretty happy with mine.

As I'm writing this, I have been disconnected. The connection window is "not responding". When I do the ctrl-alt-delete to end the program, it will shut down my computer without warning. I only know this from experience. I'm glad semagic has a save feature. I dont have enough faith in it, though, so I'm going to save it as a notepad file too.

I'm being uncharacteristically pessimistic tonight. Don't mind me. I'm tempted to just go to sleep now and sleep for an ungodly amount of time and dream. I dream a lot when I sleep for a long time. Thats the only good part about it.

I've been playing Collapse a lot lately. I've had that game for like 2 and a half years now, but for some reason, I've been playing it more these past few weeks. It's very addicting.

The only people worth dating in this town are either 3 years older than me or 3 years younger. And neither works. Ugh. I cant date a freshman in HS or a senior in college. I could date a senior in HS or a freshman at college, but alas, no one like that exists.

I'm really enjoying Modest Mouse right now. Maybe that'll be one of the cds I buy tomorrow.

Now, to restart my fucking worthless computer so I can sign back online and post this.

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