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I haven't written anything very personal lately...

I haven't been online nearly as much as I used to be. I've been spending pretty much all my time with Whitney. We don't really have any other friends, other than those who are out of town for the holidays. Emmy's coming back today, though, yay! It's weird how inseparable me whit and emmy have become. Unless they're at work (and emmy works like 35 hrs/wk), we're hanging out. We don't do much other than drive around. There isnt anything else to do...watching .movies gets boring after a while when that's all you do. I've gotten a little into rap/hiphop, thanks to emmy. Christian's out of town, Joe's out of town, Emmy's out of town, like I said before, and I dont know what's up with Ian lately. So it's just me and Whitney. All my money goes to gas. We still stalk Orion sometimes. He likes it, though. I think he has as much fun as we do.

Yay for Denny's. The better of the two places open past 10pm.

New Years....damn. It's almost 2004. I remember in the 5th grade calculating the year I'd graduate and it seemed so far away. Now it's here and I'm all growed up.

The possible plan for the eve of the new year is for me, whit, and emmy to hang out at Christian's house (if he'll let us) and umm...yeah. Have fun. We have plans. I hope it works out. Our plans cant be carried out at any other house. We were thinking about driving up to albuquerque if there's anything worth doing up there, but I dont know... One of my abq friends was planning on driving down to belen so that doesnt say much about the abq scene. Plus emmy doesn't get off work that night until 10:30 and we cant leave her behind and we cant leave for abq that late.

Yesterday I was really pissed off for whatever reason...maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. Anyway, I drove out to Lemitar and drove the rollercoaster. It's this little frontage road that has so many dips to it, it really feels like a rollercoaster. So fun. I went out there and drove around, blasting system of a down. There's nothing better to scream along to when you're pissed than system of a down. "and everyone needs...a mother.....FUCKERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Ah, yes. Released a lot of stress that way. I spent about 2 hours doing that.

It was supposed to snow a few days ago but didnt. It was cold enough, but we're protected by mountains on all sides so the clouds didnt get to us. Now it's warming up, kinda, so I doubt it will snow any time soon. It's in the 40s now. Stupid new yorkers with their 10 feet of snow per day. ;-)

I feel like I'm boring on here. I havent talked to anyone online in so long and no one seems to care about me anymore. It's not their fault, I just havent been accessible. But I'd like to be so.....ask me a question. Any question. I'll answer it. Ooh, but dont ask me about college. If I have to answer one more "what are you doing after high school" question, I'm going to scream.
Look at the beautiful foilage!
You mean foliage.
Thats what I said. It doesnt take a nucular scientist to pronounce foilage.

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