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Ooh! Emmy's improving!!!

Today was a half day. We decided to go to KFC, get lunch then go to Juliana's and watch movies. Luckily, exactly half of us could drive and we each could take only one other person. I drove Juliana, Lauren drove Nick, and Emmy drove Tristine. Lauren and Nick went to subway, cuz they dont like kfc for some weird reason. Anyway, in line at kfc, the order went juliana, emmy, me, then tristine. i asked juliana for her change cuz i didnt know if i'd have enough. when emmy ordered, she discovered she was a dime short. remember....emmy is the one that hates me...look under my info for a briefing. she asked tristine (who was behind me) for a dime, and she didnt have any change. juliana didnt either. so she was stuck. theres no way she was gonna ask me, tho, so i just handed her a quarter. just cuz she's a bitch to me, doesnt mean i should be a bitch to her. i was expecting a cold shoulder and no verbal response. what i got was a "thank you very much!!" in her hyper tone that she uses with friends. i was SO not expecting that....i was still recovering from that when she turned around again and gave me the change (a bunch of pennies, but still...), she's improving.

then we went to juliana's. jay and silent bob strikes back is a KICK ASS's SOOO funny....kevin smith is a genius. and juliana has a dvd player so we watched a TON of extra crap....that was fun....

tom from blink and BCR is gonna be a daddy!!!

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