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If You Were A Quiz Result What Quiz Result Aspect Would You Be? (with pics)
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LiveJournal userinfo for PhyxiusPhyxius in five years
Occupation: Terrible Repairman
Prized possession: A culinary child.
Favourite film: Die Hard 7: Deader Than Ever</ td>
Age difference: One year younger.
LiveJournal Blurty Neither
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Phyxius in Operation: Thirst Strike
In this powerfully stated rollercoaster, phyxius (Brittany Murphy) is a shady secret agent with a limp that she won't talk about. She has to silence digitalgoth (Tobey Maguire) before the vile sjh3585 (Michelle Williams) gets to him. Predictably, she makes her presence known at a subterranean stronghold. The action movie of the week!
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