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a test/survey/notreally/thing

before i start...lemme just say....this is very hard.....

TEN Movies I Can't Live Without:

1. jay and silent bob strikes back
2. the matrix
3. dude wheres my car
4. dogma
5. sweet november
6. fight club
7. american beauty
8. forrest gump
9. clerks
10. memento

NINE Albums That Are Important to Me:

1. green day - insomniac
2. eminem - slim shady ep
3. blink 182 - cheshire cat
4. the*pennyroyals - rough cuts
5. good charlotte - good charlotte
6. cky - volume one
7. sugarcult - start static
8. mest - wasting time
9. unwritten law - elva

EIGHT "Bands/Artists" I Couldn't Live Without:
1. green day
2. blink 182
3. mest
4. good charlotte
5. the*pennyroyals
6. cky
7. unwritten law
8. linkin park

SEVEN Things that Annoy Me:
1. prejudice (racism, etc).
2. fake people.
3. being sleepy (sleep is fine, but i hate being sleepy)
4. people who think they're better than everyone else.
5. people who get pissed off about the stupidest things.
6. hypocrites
7. when you have to sneeze, but can't.

SIX of My Favorite Songs at This Moment:
how dare you do this to me....i cant do this....
1. cky - rio bravo
2. green day - brain stew
3. everly brothers - all i have to do is dream
4. unwritten law - cailin
5. eminem - rock bottom
6. something corporate - konstantine

FIVE TV Shows I Watch Regularly:
1. friends
2. 24
3. all things rock
4. the osbournes
5. will and grace

FOUR of My All-Time-Favorite, Desert-Island Books:
1. smack
2. chicken soup for the teenage soul: 1
3. 2
4. and 3

THREE Albums I've Bought Recently:
1. sugarcult - start static
2. punk goes pop (didnt actually buy it, tho)
3. the*pennyroyals (ditto)

TWO People That Have Influenced My Life the Most:
1. as much as i hate to say it, emmy...but in a good way
2. my mom

ONE Thing I Could Spend the Rest of my Life With:
1. music

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