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the things i pick up from randomly reading ljs

Taxidermist's doorbell

First job: Babysitting
First kiss: Senior year
First screen name: Monocat _123 (...hahaha)
First self purchased CD: I got a bunch at once (savage garden, lisa loeb, spice girls, paula cole, oh god...haha)
First funeral: my dad's
First piercing/tattoo: my lobes for my 11th birthday
First credit card: Havent had one yet
First true love: Same as above
First enemy: Emmy Fucking Foley...jesus
First big trip: Alaska when I was 3 but I dont remember that trip so Japan when I was 6.
First concert: Godsmack/Staind 2001
First musician you remember hearing in your house: No idea...

Last big car ride: Mill Valley? Bolinas?
Last kiss: june 25th
Last library book checked out: can't remember
Last movie seen: run lola run (again)
Last beverage drank: dr pepper...soon to be tea
Last food consumed: A really yummy BLT at a place on Haight
Last phone call: From Diana
Last CD played: CDs? i dont do cds... :)
Last annoyance: How early places close...
Last soda drank: Dr Pepper
Last ice cream eaten: I almost had ice cream today, but then I didnt.. Ooh, I bought a cherry garcia icecreamsicle at the theatre a week or so ago
Last time Yelled at: cant remember... i never do anything to get yelled at
Last shirt worn: The one I'm wearing now? A Sparta shirt
Last website visited: a random LJ

09 things you look forward to:
1) Eating
2) Sleeping
3) Drinking
4) Vancouver
5) College
6) Warmer weather
7) Death Guild
8) The election
9) Tomorrrow

8 things you wear:
1) Underwear
2) bra
3) tshirt
4) socks
5) pants
6) nail polish
7) earrings
8) shoes

07 things that annoy you:
1) mosquitoes
2) stupid people
3) liars
4) hypocrites
5) people that make me feel like what i'm doing is wrong when i know it's not
6) talkative movie theater people
7) money

-name: Serafina
-gender: female
-height: 5'10
-haircolor: Blonde. I dyed it red but I dont know how much is left...
-eyecolor: blue/green
-location: san francisco
-fears: i dont know if i'm really afraid of anything...

-peed your pants: of course, but i cant remember the last time when
-cheated on someone: No
-fallen off the bed: not that i can remember
-fallen for a relative: no
-had plastic surgery: nope
-failed a grade: nope
-had your heart broken: sure... my heart broke when i had to leave my kitty in Socorro
-done something you regret: Anything I might regret caused something else that wouldntve happened otherwise so no.

-wearing: sparta tshirt, jeans, green la zipup sweatshirt, my class ring, the simplest earrings ever, a i heart NY sock, a christmas sock, "chrome" nail polish, a ponytail holer, headphones,
-listenin to: eve 6
-chewin: dry cheerios :)
-feeling: fine
-readin: this damn thing
-located: on my bed
-chattin with: nobody
-watchin: myself typing

-brush your teeth: yes
-like anybody: yes
-have any piercings: yes
-drive: yes
-believe in santa claus: no
-ever get off the computer: haha...occasionally

-hugged: ericcant remember
-gave e-props:
-IMed: ben
-talked to on the phone: diana
-yelled at: dont know
-fell in love with: nobody yet
-tripped: on purpose, nobody...

-what do you want to be when you grow up : photography/videography/fil/media person.... ?
-what is your most embarrassing storty: not right now
-do you have a girlfriend: um no
-if you had an extra set of eyes, where would you put them? back of my head...that would be coooll.....
-what do you usually think about before going to bed: what i did that day

-movie: princess bride, fight club, memento, clockwork orange, clerks, dogma... i could go on and on
-group of the moment: as in, musically? ummm alice in chains, filter, smashing pumpkins, sublime, system of a down, brand new, bush, cake, metallica, cky, green day, goldfinger, eminem, evanescence, eve 6, finch, something corporate, garbage, godsmack, incubus,... i could go ON and on and on....
-store: the little random ones down haight
-relative: i cant pick a favorite...i actually like my family
-vacation spot: big cities!
-ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
-fruit: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries.... mmmm
-candy: chocolate!
-holiday: My birthday, halloween
-day of the week: wednesday
-color: dark blue
-magazine: i dont do magazines

-like giving hugs: sometimes.
-like walking in the rain: if it's not cold
-sleep with or without clothes on: without
-prefer black or blue pens: black
-dress up on halloween: yep
-have a job: nope
-like to travel: depends where... but yes if it's a big city. :)
-sleep on your side, tummy, or back: side
-want to marry: it's not a goal of mine, but if it happens, it happens
-have a goldfish: not right now. i did for like a week when i was 6 or 7
-have stuffed animals: yes

-single or taken: single
simple or complicated: complicated
-law or anarchy: middle
-mtv or bet: neither
-7th heaven or dawsons creek: neither
-sugar or salt: sugar
-silver or gold: silver
-chocolate or flowerz: chocolate
-color or black-white photos: depends
-m&ms or skittles: chocolate....mmmm...
-rap or rock: rock
-stay late or sleep in: both
-tv or radio: ipod... haha
-hot or cold: hot
-taller members of the opposite sex or shorter: taller
-sun or moon: moon
-diamond or ruby: diamond
-left or right: right
-10 acquaintances or one best friend: one best friend
-kids or no kids: dont know
-cat or dog: cat
-half empty or half full: full
-mustard or ketchup: ketchup
-newspaper or magazine: both
-spring or fall: fall
-give or receive: both
-rain or snow: rain
-a year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship: both...
-happy or sad: happy
-wonder or amazement: wonder
-mcdonalds or burger king: neither
-mexican or italian food: italian
-lights on or off: depends what time of day
-duct tape or scotch tape: duct tape
-candy or soda: soda
-a house in da woods or city: city
-Converse or DC: dont care

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Thats really funny. Yes, I dream of me naked sometimes...haha...
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Haha... I love Alan Rickman, but not like that...

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