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talk about a small fucking world

I have a story.

Last spring, end of March, my senior class took a train to CA then we went on a cruise down to Mexico. It was so much fun. The night before we got back to CA, a couple people from our school got caught with alcohol and there was a whole big thing and they got in trouble, and a rumor went around that everyone's rooms would be searched. Two friends and I had 2 joints, so we hid them in the bathroom light. My friend Emmy took a shower, the bathroom got steamy, the joints got soggy, and when we got them out, they broke. Our other two roommates had gone to sleep, but Whitney Emmy and I wanted to stay awake and smoke. But we had to figure out where. We were supposed to stay in our rooms because of the alcohol thing, but we didnt want to, so we sat in the hall with a blanket (at like 1am) and talked about shit.

This very obviously drunk guy came stumbling down the hall. There were several high schools on this cruise and they put us all on the same floor. So this guy had the room next to us. He was so drunk - it was hilarious. He was rambling about something that didn't make any sense. He's from California, a skateboarder, football player, and wore a trucker hat. His nipples were pierced too. He invited us in his room to wake up his roommate because "it'll be funny". Emmy thought that sounded like fun, so she went in, and Whitney and I needed a place to reroll our joints, so we followed her in. The drunk guy ordered room service and went to bed. We had to remind him that he'd just ordered food and can't go to sleep yet. He and his now-awake roiommate were both naked, falling asleep, and we were sitting there just using their room to roll this joint. They both kept begging us to cuddle with them. We just kept laughing at their drunk asses. We offered to smoke with them. The drunk guy got drug tested, but his roommate joined in. It was our apology for waking him up. :) I have the funniest embarrassing picture of the two of them too. We smoked half of the joint but the drunk guy got paranoid that they'd get caught so we left to find somewhere else.

Fast forward. Trip's over, school's over, summer's over. I moved to Vancouver last week. Last night, I was drinking with my new friend Sara (from Albuquerque), and her new friend Ken called and invited all of us to join his party. Someone asked who he was and she said "the one with the pierced nipples". So we moved the party to his dorm. Ken just moved here from Santa Cruz and plays football so he gets drug tested and didnt want us smoking in his room. He kept standing on his skateboard but he was drunk so it was really funny. Did I mention he wore a trucker hat?

It wasn't until today, riding the bus downtown stoned, that everything clicked.
I have met 4 other people from Albuquerque here so far. One I went to elementary school with and one I went to middle school with.

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