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So my computer's very sick. It doesn't turn on most of the time, and the rare times I can get it to start, it freezes. If I'm lucky enough to have it recover from that, the colors are immensely fucked up, I can't see most pictures online, and the screen shrinks to 640x480. Ew. The error messages I get are: "Windows detected and recovered from a device failure." and "The display driver for Mobility Radeon 9200 seems to be responsible for the system instablility."

I took it to Future Shop (like a Best Buy) but they said I need to take it to Best Buy since that's where I got it. However, I can't seem to find the receipt. And since I bought it in the States, they can't look it up on their computer. So I need to call Bob and ask him to mail me the receipt (hoping he has it). Meanwhile, I can either use my computer (if I can get it to work) at 640x480 and expect it to freeze any second (double ew), OR go to the SUB and use one in there.

Otherwise, life is good. Classes are good. I'm caught up on everything. I went to the beach during the sunset yesterday to read the Tempest. That was fun. Reading/doing homework is gonna be so much less painstaking when I can go to the beach, the rose garden, or the Japanese garden - all within a 5 minute walk from my dorm - to do it. Parties are good. I keep meeting new people and never seeing them again. Tends to happen at a campus with 40,000 people I guess. :) Weed's good. Lots of action on the protest front too. Everyday something new on the front page of the paper. One day it's "Tourists find open marijuana policy 'unsettling'" - the mayor said he didnt know what the big deal was - police have better things to do with their time. The next day it's "Police raid cafe that sold pot - 6 arrested" and the next day (today, actually) it's "Business thriving at pot cafe just days after police raid" All this on the front page, too..... So.... we'll see what happens with this. My bet is that legalization will happen by the time the Olympics are here in 2010, if it takes that long.

paisleychick might be interested to know: UBC's trying their hardest to get US citizens going here to register and get an absentee ballot. People here want us to vote just as much as they do in the US.

People don't know what Ramen is here. Yeah, I was stunned too.

My computer's being nice right now. I've actually managed to not get kicked off in about a half hour - rather than every 2 minutes like it was doing before. Better post this now before I lose it. :)

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