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I havent done one of these in a while... the answers are different than they used to be.

-.F I R S T.T H I N G S.F I R S T.-
[my name is]: Serafina
[in the morning i am]: tired
[all I need is]: love (cliche, i know, but its true)
[love is]: best when returned
[I'm afraid of]: nothing! muahahaha.....
[I dream about]: figuratively? boys.

-.F A V O R I T E S.-
[COLOR]: dark blue, dark green
[SUBJECT:] french...
[CLOTHING BRAND:] dont care
[SHOE BRAND:] dont care
[SPORT TO PLAY:] i dont really play sports
[DRINK:] dr pepper... ah, how i miss thee
[ANIMAL:] cat
[HOLIDAY:] dont know
[FAVORITE LINE FROM A MOVIE:] i'll have to get back to you on that one....
[BAND:] too many to name
[MOVIE:] fight club, princess bride, stand by me, memento, waking life, tons more

-.H A V E.Y O U.E V E R.-
[pictured your crush naked?]: of course
[actually seen your crush naked]: not yet
[had sex]: yep
[made love]: yep
[been in love]: i think so
[cried when someone died]: yes

-.W H O.-
[makes you laugh the most?]: michael
[makes you smile]: michael
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: michael
[has a crush on you?]: i wish i knew
[easiest to talk to]: liz

-D O.Y O U.E V E R.-
[sit on the Internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]: I won't lie...yes
[save aol/aim conversations]: nope... i never say anything worth saving on IMs
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: not really
[cry because of someone saying something to you]: it depends. it's happened.

-.H A V E.Y O U.E V E R.-
[fallen for your best friend]: yes
[been rejected]: no... i dont put myself out there like that
[rejected someone]: yes
[used someone]: yes
[been cheated on]: no
[done something you regret]: who hasnt?

-.W H O.W A S.T H E.L A S T.P E R S O N.-
[you talked to on the phone]: michael
[hugged]: michael
[you instant messaged]: juliana
[you laughed with]: paul and lily

-.D O.Y O U / A R E.Y O U.-
[smoke cigarettes]: fuck no
[obsessive]: not really
[could you live without the computer?] no
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: 48
[what's your favorite food?]: sandwiches
[whats your favorite fruit?]: dont know
[drink alcohol?]: when it's convenient and good
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: since i'm on the west coast, i'll say sunsets
[what hurts the most?]: my head
[trust others way too easily?]: sometimes. it's happened

-.N U M B E R.-
[of times I have had my heart broken? ]: i havent
[of hearts u have broken?]: many. i'm sorry, boys.
[of continents I have lived in?]: 1 and 2 islands
[of drugs taken illegally?]: two
[of tight friends?]: 3 (as close as can get in a month)
[of cd's that I own?]: jesus, hundreds.
[of scars on my body ?]: a lot
[of things in my past that I regret?]: a few things, but actually nothing major

-.P I C K.O N E.-
[CATS OR DOGS:] cats
[1 PILLOW OR 2 :] 1
[W/ OR W/O ICE CUBES: ] without, i mean, if the beverage is already cold. otherwise they just get in the way. unless i have a straw. then they just take up room and i get less soda
[NIGHT OR DAY:] night
[DRESSED OR UNDRESSED:] depends.... :)
[BUNK OR WATER BED:] water... as long as there's nothing sharp nearby
[MTV OR VH1: ] much
[LOVE OR LUST:] both
[SILVER OR GOLD:] silver

-.I F.Y O U.C O U L D.-
[Move anywhere:] i did :)
[Meet one famous person:] johnny depp
[Live with one person the rest of your life:] no clue
[Name one thing you love:] weed
[Name one thing that embarrasses you:] i dont get embarrassed
[Do you like school?] mmm...sometimes.
[Do you like to talk on the telephone?] it depends. not really, though.
[Do you like to dance? ] no
[Do you sing in the shower?] occasionally
[Do you think cheerleading is a sport?]: i suppose so.
[What's on your ceiling?] a light, a smoke detector and some other round thing that i dont know what it is
[What's the hardest thing about growing up?] reality.

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