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Damn. I have to be at school tomorrow (a fucking saturday....) at 7AM!!!! Thats an hour earlier than school starts normally. All the sophomores have to go help decorate the football field for graduation. Stupid fucking principal Padilla (aka Padildo, Padillio) wont let us set up tonight so I have to get up fucking early instead. ON A WEEKEND!!!!!! grrrr....Graduation actually starts at 10am. I have to stay in the concession stand and sell water. That part is because I'm in student council (not really, though....long story). But only 3 or 4 days of school depends on whether you count the last day. Its a half day, and at LEAST half the school wont be there, and those who are, are just gonna goof off, so it doesnt really count, but it's still school.
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