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It really disappoints me when people with awesome usernames have such lame journals
I had a 2hr lecture today. In the middle, we're given a 10 minute break. During that break, I started talking to the girl next to me, who I'd never met before. She's a "missionary kid" with one Canadian parent, one American parent and lived she's around the world including Peru. She mentioned she's noticed and was surprised at the number of Americans at UBC. I said the political situation in the US most likely has something to do with that. From there we got to talking about Bush, and that led into a debate about gay marriage when she commented that "Marriage is between a man and a woman".

"I dont hate gays or lesbians, I just don't agree with it" she said. I said I dont think it's something you can really "agree" with. It's just who they are (like having blonde hair but I didnt say that because I didnt want to debate about whether or not sexuality is something you're born with). She said how gays like to be unconventional (I bit my tongue and let her continue) and now they're wanting to get married which is very conventional. I said gay committed couples are being discriminated against and she didnt have an answer for that. She said gay marriage is something God intended to be between a man and a woman. I said you can't bring religion into it, due to the separation of church and state (I think our whole convo was based on American policies because that's what we were both more familiar with). She said religion has to be a part of it because God created it. Argh. Again, separation of church and state. She said she's heard about conflicts rising due to churches being forced to perform gay marriages, which I don't know if I believe. Churches don't have to perform any sort of marriage they dont agree with, be it Jewish or gay. She said there should be something other than marriage, and I brought up civil unions, which she hadn't heard of, but we didn't get into that because I don't know the specific legal aspects of it.

It basically ended with her giving a dismissive "I dont know" but we both agreed it would make more sense to outlaw divorce (though I think she really thought that was a good idea).

We only had, like I said, about 10 minutes for this and I dont think either of us were expecting the conversation to go in that direction when we started. It was a very friendly debate and I think I held my position pretty well.

I realized afterwards that I was wearing my Bad Religion shirt. Hahaha....

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