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I tried to start studying for my midterm but ended up making a list of what I'm going to do when I go back to NM for December:

***visit my kitty***
check on my 420 sign
get yearbook signed
get a NMTech lanyard for my UBC keys
get a keva
visit jefferson (if dates coordinate)
cruise the fuck out of california
go to martha's, talk to whoever's working
go to sonic, see who's working and laugh at them
go to mcdonald's for their uberdelicious apple pie
go to launchpad (if theres a good show)
smoke at canyon's
smoke at jeff's
smoke at the rock pipe
smoke at the windmill (depending on transport)
Jesus thinks you're a lazy shit. Even if He wanted
to hang out with you (which He doesn't) He
knows that He'd have to come over to your
house, which probably smells funny. It's too
bad Jesus is omnicient and can find his own
weed connection, Cause that's about all you
have going for you.

What does Jesus think of you?
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