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Florida lost 58000 absentee ballots. Fuckin A. Also, Bush said in a recent interview the states should decide the issue of gay marriage. Yeah, that's why you wanted to amend the fucking constitution?!? Next week, he'll go back, I'm sure of it.
Canadians complain about the high rate of tuition and rejoice (not quite) about their low taxes. Americans complain about high taxes and high tuition. Canadians think $5K/year is high and 14% sales tax is low. Partly because the taxes help pay for education. In the US, taxes are lower because we have less governmental support with things like health care and education, so our taxes are lower. By paying for the cheap but good quality Canadian education system with the less-taxed money earned in the US, I'm getting the best of both worlds. Awesome. :-)
My camera stopped working a few days ago. I was taking pictures, then it just stopped letting me. It said "CF card error". The next day, I tried looking at the pictures I'd taken before it stopped working and it said "no images" and when I tried to take one, it said "no memory card". I took out the memory card and put it in Liz's, since she has the exact same camera as me, and it didn't work in hers either.

I took it to Future Shop (like a Best Buy). Now when we tried to turn it on, it just said "busy" and wouldn't even show a preview in the screen and the lens wouldn't open. I told them what had happened before and that I thought it was a memory card problem but wanted to make sure before I bought a new one and have it turn out that that wasn't the problem. The guy took my camera to another guy, they looked at and whispered over it and came back telling me my camera was fucked. I'd have to send it in to Canon to fix it, likely resulting in a $200+ bill since the warranty's expired. Or I could get a new camera, costing $400+. I was confused, pissed and doubtful. I told them about my test with another camera. They said that since the camera doesn't even work when you try to turn it on (staying on the "busy" message and lens not opening up), that means there's some malfunction in the camera. "But," I said, "the camera works fine when you take out the memory card, it just can't hold any pictures." "Oh..." They took it back, whispered over it some more, and came back with "you just need a new memory card." NO SHIT SHERLOCK. I'd originally asked if they could test it with a new memory card and they said they "dont do that." But that's what they ended up doing.

It's frustrating when I'm smarter than the "experts". Shouldn't they have tried taking out the memory card in the first place? Not even going so far as to try with a new one, but yeah, that too. Especially since I'd TOLD them that was what I'd suspected the problem was, it doesn't take a genius to try to isolate the problem. Especially when it's a difference between a $200 fix and a $40 fix. Ugh. I feel bad for the technically challenged who depend on those people to figure out the problem and a solution for it.

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