Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

I think I've had my dose of the "Canada's better than the US in every way" attitude for the day. We were talking about immigration in class today. More specifically, Mexican immigration to the States. Yeah, I moved from New Mexico to Vancouver, and this is what we talk about. Ironic, huh? Anyway, we were talking about the problem of most immigrants living in poverty (specifically southern cali) and hurting the nation more than helping it, which is a cause of the American policy of not paying as much attention to potential immigrants' qualifications as Canada does (In Canada you need a certain number of points to immigrate which you get by various things like education, language skills, etc). So, the class therefore concluded that if the States were more like Canada in their immigration policies, it would work better, because that's what Canada does, and Canada doesn't have that problem! But no, if that happened, there would likely be an INCREASE in ILLEGAL immigration, which won't help anybody. I tried to make that point, but people dismissed it (or so it seemed - conversation ended shortly after). Gr. Just because it works for you, doesn't mean it'll work for everybody.

Tomorrow is the lecture on that subject (today was the seminar discussion group). Should be interesting. I just hope I won't be overly critical about everything because of the vibe I got from my discussion group today.

One reason I moved to Canada was because I didn't like certain things about the States. I knew there was an anti-American attitude in Canada, and instead of relating more to that, I'm finding myself being more ... protective of the States than I'd expected. Lots of Americans don't like certain things about the States, but Canadians seem to not like everything about the States, regardless. Too many generalizations. "We don't like most things about the States so we're going to dismiss the good things and we're better thanthemineverywayIdontcarewhatyousay."

It's so eye-opening to learn about your home country while in a foreign one in a way that's impossible to see when you're still in your home country. Like I said, I knew there was an anti-American vibe here, but it's like it's engrained in their brains from birth. Canadians constantly compare themselves (favorably) to the States. Things engrained in my brain from birth about how great the States are, are flipped around to make the States look stupid. "The USA is a melting pot? The USA welcomes all nationalities? It's based on the idea of taking in less fortunate from other countries and giving them a chance to better themselves? Well, Canada isn't a melting pot. Canada's a quilt. Canada doesn't try to force everyone to be the same, we take foreigners as they are and encourage them to practice their own culture and help Canada to be as multi-cultural as possible. The States say they are diverse, but they only have ONE national language so HA! Americans strive for 'life liberty and the pursuit of happiness'? Psh, well Canada strives for 'peace order and good government' so HA!"

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