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My TA was telling us about a doctor in Italy who basically came up with a cure for cancer. Eight years ago, my TA's sister was diagnosed with cancer at the same time that my TA had a major lung infection (or something). They did some research and found that this Italian doctor named Dibello came up with a recipe for a juice mixture with carefully selected amounts of certain vitamins that worked in place of chemotherapy. Tumors thrive on sugar so when you starve them of it, and at the same time starve yourself to a lesser degree, they shrivel up. My TA's sister went on this diet for like 2 months and has been in remission for 7 years now and she's fine. It worked for my TA too - it helped her lose 80 pounds (200 to 120) and cured her infection. Of course, you're thinking, it must not work that great or everyone would have heard about it. Apparently he's cured like 30,000 people in Italy, and was scheduled to come over to the US and give talks to universities but was stopped at the border by pressure from pharmaceutical companies and refused entry. There were massive protests against this guy entering the country (as in shouting and throwing things at him).

I do not want to be associated with a country that would rather put people through intense painful lengthy procedures that have many debilitating side effects and hide this simple alternative just so they can make money.

I tried to find out more about this, but Google was no help. :( I suppose it doesnt help with how American-dominated the internet is.

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