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Don't waste time or time will waste you

The House of Representatives passed the repressive "Broadcast Decency Act," which calls for an increase of the basic FCC fine for "indecent" content from $32,500 to $500,000 and requires the FCC to consider revoking a station's license after three violations.

I knew that part. That's fucked up enough as it is.

Coming close on the heels of this proposed bill was the call last week by Sen. Ted Stevens, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, and Rep. Joe Barton, chairman of the House Commerce Committee, to expand the FCC's fining mandate to include the hundreds of cable and satellite television and radio channels dotting the media landscape.[...] under the Stevens/Barton plan, pay channels such as HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, and subscription satellite radio companies Sirius and XM would fall under the FCC's mandate.

THAT's fucked up. I will be SERIOUSLY pissed if that passes. There have been worries about regular radio losing out to internet and satellite radio - I'm sure the lack of censorship is one reason, and if this passes, it will do nothing but hurt those services and cause subscribers to pay more attention to uncensored internet radio. That's why those services stand out, that's why people bother to pay extra for them. If I wanted to watch censored sex and the city, I'd turn on tbs - there'd be no reason to bother with hbo. If they don't want to lose even more customers, they'll resist this.

However, the US supreme court has previously ruled that "cable-TV content is protected speech because viewers pay for it." So there is hope.

Taken from: (which I havent finished reading because class is about to start - byebye!)

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