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God fucking damn it all. I'm SO hating soemthing right now. But I'm not sure what. I went to Jorge's fradutation party. It was all right. The people there were mostly Jorge's friends, cuz it was his party, obviously, and that was fine with me. :-) Most of his friends came after dark, though (I'd gotten there at 6). We were outside, sitting in chairs in the yard, and there was a guy I didnt recognize. So I gathered up my courage and said hi and asked his name, but it didnt go farther than that. It was pretty dark, so I couldnt see very well. Later, when we were all inside, I saw that guy again, and he had a NFG shirt on. Um, wow! So I decided to start up a conversation with him, cuz he was kinda cute. But, my ride came before I could. I'm so mad I didnt. I'm SO pissed off. But its not anger. Its more like an empty regret. I'm NOT in a good mood right now. Usually when I'm mad, I listen to loud angry "fuck you" music and I'm better, but that won't work right now, cuz it's not exactly anger. Damn it. Nothing can cheer me up right now. I would sleep, but this feeling would keep me awake. However, I bet a guy could make me feel better. I need to talk to Sprout...he's always sweet to me. He's online, but he's "away"....damn it. I'm feeling.....just not good at all. If anyone's online and reading this and can make me feel better, please do. I'm really feeling like crap right now. Even if you read this tomorrow, dont hesitate to IM me. I dont care if I dont know you. I dont care if I do know you....IM me. Now.

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