Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

input appreciated

God I hate macs. I'm trying to help mom with hers. iPhoto is the devil. I cant figure out where to find out where it's looking for the file. The thumbnail shows up, but when I try to open it, it says "file not found" and the "show info" window just gives info on the picture like date time and size, but not location. These pictures ARE THERE and I dont know why iPhoto thinks they're not. I tried to import them again, and it says the file doesnt have the right kind of data. Bullshit. I physically moved the files to where iPhoto should be looking for them (though I cant be sure because it wont tell me), but it still thinks they're not there. GFAHUFWHIFSDHJKRAISDVHGrieahfdJKFASLEhIGAI

I'm thinking of just telling mom to forget iPhoto altogether and organize the photos herself with no software. Would be so much simpler. edit: done.

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."
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