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How dumb are you?


My insulting name is Rider of a female camel Underbadger!
What's yours?

My Mormon name is Sheralina Aeranee!

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<img src="" title="Insert obligatory potatoe reference here"><br /><a href="">How dumb are <i>you</i>?</a><p>:-(<hr>

<p>My insulting name is <b>Rider of a female camel Underbadger</b>!<br /><a href="">What's yours?</a></p><hr>

<p>My Mormon name is <b>Sheralina Aeranee</b>!<br \><a href="">What's yours?</a></p><p>wow....i like that. its purty. :-)<hr>

<img src="" title="I am Charles Manson"><br \><a href="">Which Evil Criminal are <i>You</i>?</a><p>Mad as a hatter and friend of Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, you believe that the Beatles song Helter Skelter is indicative of a coming race war, where the "blackies" will win. You also consider yourself a talented folksinger.

You have amassed a group of female followers known as The Family, who perform killings for you and look upon you as if you were Jesus Christ. You have sex with each and every one of them, and encourage them to have sex with each other, but they're most famous for killing pregnant actress Sharon Tate.
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