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This is so sad...I took a *kids* quiz on american history and i got 3 out of 10 correct. :-( My excuse is that I was out of the country from ages 6-10 and thats primarily when you learn that kind of stuff. I'm not stupid! I swear!

Lauren pisses me off sometimes. She always has to be perfect and excel at everything. We had our geometry final today. There were 40 questions on the test, and mr. Jones said we could pick which 35 we wanted to do, and the other 5 would be counted as extra credit. Mr Jones said "when the bell rings, you have to turn it in." (since its the last class of the day and some people might wanna stay after school and finish). I hurried cuz it's only a 45 minute class. I barely finished. When the bell rang, Lauren counted up how many she'd done. "Mr Jones, I've only done 33. Can I stay and finish 2 more?" Nope. She got SO pissed off. She got this huge scowl on her face, slammed her book shut and started packing up. She calmed down when she realized, "Hey, even if I get a zero on that test, I'd still have an A average, wouldnt I?" She shouted across the room. Yeah, she loves to brag.

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