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Destroying the National Parks

Recently, a secret draft revision of the national park system's basic management policy document has been circulating within the Interior Department. It was prepared, without consultation within the National Park Service, by Paul Hoffman, a deputy assistant secretary at Interior who once ran the Chamber of Commerce in Cody, Wyo., was a Congressional aide to Dick Cheney and has no park service experience. ... Some of Mr. Hoffman's changes are trivial, although even apparently subtle changes in wording - from "protect" to "conserve," for instance ... According to the act that established the national parks, preventing impairment of park resources - including the landscape, wildlife and such intangibles as the soundscape of Yellowstone, for instance - is the "fundamental purpose." In Mr. Hoffman's world, it is now merely one of the purposes. ... Mr. Hoffman's rewrite would open up nearly every park in the nation to off-road vehicles, snowmobiles and Jet Skis. According to his revision, the use of such vehicles would become one of the parks' purposes.

Can't Kill P2P - People want to get their music online, and currently P2P is the best way to get it -- not because it's free, but because it's there.

The entertainment industry, whose representatives have tiresomely insisted that their profits are being decimated by P2P, isn't really doing that badly after all. The film industry says DVD sales grew 33 percent in 2004. And in an extensive research report, the Economist has concluded that music sales grew by a few percentage points in 2004 too. ... Finally, some bigwigs in the music industry are starting to get it. Earlier this month Sony BMG announced it had made a deal with British ISP PlayLouder to make its entire music catalog available to the ISP's customers. That means anyone with a PlayLouder account can download any Sony BMG song, in any format, from any P2P network, perfectly legally, for free. Doesn't that sound civilized?

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