Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

I think I've pretty much decided I'm going to major in film production.

This site gives the requirements for it. I can't apply until I've completed 54 credits, and at the end of this year (april) I'll have completed 52. It looks like they only accept applicants every May, so I'll have to wait another year. I'm still a bit nervous scared shitless because one of the requirements is a 10minute movie, and I have no confidence in myself when it comes to writing, not to mention I dont have the equipment, but I have time to figure all that out. I'll have to switch from BA to BFA, and while I cant do that now, I dont think that should be a problem.

I'm still considered a first-year student because you have to have completed 27 credits to be considered 2nd year, and I've completed 22 (failed one class - yeah, i know, shutup). This breaks it down year by year.

Last year I completed 22, this year I will have completed 30. Next year I'll be considered second-year since the third year cutoff is 54 and I will have 52. I've come up with a schedule for next year that will put me ahead where I should be, so at the end of next year (06-07) I will have completed 84, and I'll be considered a fourth year for 07-08, basically skipping being considered a third year.

My tentative schedule for 06-07:
Term 1:
CPSC 100-4-Elements of Computer Science
FILM 210-3-Silent Cinema
FILM 233-3-Introductory Video Production
RELG 202-3-Myths, Legends and Scriptures of the Near East (2-Term class)
PHIL ***-3-Random philosophy(?) course

Term 2:
CPSC 101-4-Connecting with Computer Science
FILM 220-3-Hollywood Cinema 1930-1960
RELG 202-3-Myths, Legends and Scriptures of the Near East (2-Term class)
PHIL ***-3-Random philosophy course
PSYC ***-3-Random psychology course

Total of: 32

("first" year)04-05 - 22
("first" year)05-06 - 30
("second" year)06-07 - 32

Total - 84

84, meaning 07-08 would be "fourth" year.

The religion classes are mostly just to fulfill my literature requirement, and the compsci are to fill my science requirement.
General BA & BFA requirements here.

The problem with this is that I would be practically skipping my "third" year, and entering the film program in my "fourth" year (assuming I get accepted). Film production majors have to (and *only* film majors can) take Film 333 (see here), so I dont know where that leaves me with that. I emailed all this to my mom and depending on (and probably regardless of) what she says/suggests, I'll probably take this to the advisor and see what he recommends.

Any input/suggestions/comments are appreciated.
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