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LJ Interests meme results

  1. big cities:
    I like always having something to do, I like being around people without having to interact with them. I like walking down crowded busy streets (unless I'm in a hurry).
  2. csi:
    One of the few tv shows I love. Premieres tomorrow! Yay!
  3. filter:
    Good band. Especially Hey Man Nice Shot and the whole second cd.
  4. helena bonham carter:
    There are very few female actresses I love - like, maybe three. I love it when someone can play a range of very different characters - all convincingly.
  5. life:
    Life is good. I have lucked out in so many ways in my life - within myself, and with my environment, and I swear, if there is a god, s/he doesnt care that I dont believe. :)
  6. philosophy:
    Brain candy. Makes you think in a way that most topics don't. CAn be frustrating or inspiring and that's what's fun.
  7. requiem for a dream:
    Crazy fucked up movie, and I've heard from more than a few people that it's the reason they quit/havent started doing drugs.
  8. something corporate:
    Piano rock. I've seen them live twice.
  9. terry pratchett:
    Yeah, I'm not so sure this should be on this list anymore. I really liked one of his books, and the one he cowrote, but not so much on another. We'll see when my Amazon shipment arrives.
  10. :
    I initially had put ¤ at the end of my interests because for some reason it didnt want to show my last interest, so I put something at the end that didn't really count, but I eventually changed it to ♪ because that actually is an interest of mine.

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