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which Episode II character are you?

Anakin Skywalker - jedi apprentice. Like Anakin, you know your morals and usually always stick to the rules. However, stray away from those who know best and you may become naiive to what anybody tells you. Stay with those whom you trust and have always been your friends. Otherwise, you may find yourself being manipulated by outside parties.

Hey...that means i become darth vader....kick ass...

Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.

- Matt Groening

I saw on the news that Australia is going to have to kill thousands of kangaroos because they're overpopulated and starving to death. gee....thats a little hypocritical. we have people desparate working on cures to people-diseases, and people are WAY more overpopulated and we starve to death, too. but no one considers killing thousands of *people* to solve this...instead we have the scientists working on ways to contribute to the problem...yeah, makes a lot of sense, people....

The kitty loaf shall
invade Livejournal!
Long Live Kitty Loaf!

I found this in lehah's journal:
[Ring Ring]
Me: Hello.

Mystery Voice: Justin, It's God.

Me: ...

God: Hello?

Me: You shoe-sucking fuck. You mutherfucking shoe-sucking Baptist bigot fuck. You call me today, today of all days. Get the fuck off of my line.

God: Justin---

Me: Don't you dare "Justin" me, you Profainer of Vices. You drop this fucking news in my lap and you expect me to stay calm?! You're in for it, man. You got me on your hands now. You got a fucking war brewing right here in my head; you want this Jihad stuff, fuck-hole, I'll bring it right to your pearly-fucking-gates and ass-fuck all your pretty angels guarding it, you damn dirty asswipe. I'll be worse than you've ever been; you think you're badass for killing babies, I'll show you what it means to take the kid gloves off.

God: This is for the best. You know it and I know it.

Me: What the fuck do you know? I'm about to pop your head like Michael Ironside in Scanners. Jesus was born from a woman who was raped by Roman soldiers and then lied to her husband. You fucking liar. You goddamned man-bitch. You had hope you never hear my voice because I'm saying things you don't understand and Lucifer balks at, you cheap, taudry throw rug of a superior being. You come down here and I'll fuck your mouth, you shithead. You goddamned shithead. Eat my shit, fuckface. Eat it! You fucking shitwhore, I'm going to tear your eyes out and shove em in your colon the hard way so you can watch me kick your ass.

God: You're overreacting...

Me: FUCK you.


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