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wooo!!! I finally got it!!!! :-D

WOOO!!!! I just got the picture I have been looking for for months!!! :-D I was looking for a picture of the "parental advisory explicit lyrics" sticker with "fuck" stamped on top of it for my site. I had a little program that I'd downloaded that has all the dead kennedys lyrics on it, and that had the sticker on it, but there was no way to save it. i've been searching the web forEVER (well, several months, anyway) for it, and i could NOT find it. around wednesday, i downloaded a screen shot program and just today it clicked with me that i could use that to get it! So I took the screen shot, and just cropped around it. :-D I'm so happy. To see what I'm talking about, go to my site and on the left, click "fuck you". or just click here to see just the picture. If you do go to my site, though, sign the damn guestbook, okay? thanks....
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