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I'm trying to make's not looks and feels like mashed potatoes. damn it damn it damn it damn smells good, though.

I'm having fun looking through random LJs. I just start reading them, and I unconsciously have an idea of whether the person is a guy or a girl, and its weird when I'm wrong. I read something that reveals their gender, and I think "" and then i try to figure out why i thought they were the opposite. its quite fun. I'm learning alot about my thought processes.

Geometry class today was chaos. Only about 8 people were there, cuz no one saw the point since we'd already taken the final exam. Emily and Petra were on the computer talking to their friend in AZ, lauren and nick were playing gin, juliana was playing solitaire, so was the substitute, and me, alex and ali were doing everything. we covered the boards in goodbye messages to mr jones, we threw little rubber things at each other, we wrote with the dry-erase markers on each other...i was too hyper. it felt like a friday. but it kinda was like one, since tomorrows a halfday, but doesnt even deserve that title. its a no ones gonna be there, and we're gonna do about what we did in geometry today or less. last year we wandered the halls and had teachers kicking us out of classrooms cuz they didnt wanna watch us.

I got my edgefest tickets today. I'm #147. june 22nd...crappy bands (except for face to face)...hopefully not crappy people. i was hoping qta would play the local stage, but they're gonna be in CO that day on their tour. (check them out!!!)

Damn playdoughwannabemashedpotatoes...

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