Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

Aerial Burning Man picture:

I finished American Gods the other day. Loved it. Starting Stardust now. I never have time to actually sit down and read a book for fun. If I do, I should be reading a textbook instead. I end up getting all my reading done on buses and in lines. Which is fine, because it's a 30 min bus ride downtown. And I like pacing it out. When I finish a book in two days, it's almost like it's gone by too fast and I dont remember enough of it. Spaced out over a month, I get to relish it, stew over it, let it simmer.... (hm, why am I hungry now?)

This is the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing. I like it - simple but classy. In aubergine. I love that word.
Tags: books
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