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I just realized I can remember not being able to read. I learned to read at age 3, so I must've been pretty damn young. I remember being at a friend's house, her mom was reading us the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and I remember not being able to decipher all the squiggles on the page.

That makes four memories I have before the age of 7. The other ones are:
  • being called a boy (by an adult who was trying to get his kid to go down the slide so the "boy" in line could have a turn - that was more traumatizing than you might imagine) (<6 yrs)
  • not being able to ride a bike (watching a friend in jealousy) (<6)
  • riding a bike for the first time (6)

    I have a spotty memory until age ~12 which is when I start to remember my life as if it really was my past, if that makes any sense. I have several memories before age 12 that I'm not sure if I really remember them, or if I only remember them because I've seen home movies of them numerous times since then. I'm kinda glad my childhood was divided up into living in different places (0-5 Abq, 6 Japan, 7-9 Micronesia, 10-13 Abq, 14-17 Socorro) because it makes it a lot easier to figure out when things happened.
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