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I saw Mirrormask, the movie co-written by Neil Gaiman. The visuals were amazing and awe-some, and it's worth seeing the movie for that reason alone. The plot, while entertaining, was your fairly typical "i have to find X so I can get home but evil keeps getting in my way" storyline that we've all seen a million times. But still good. Definitely worth $10 and 2 hours out of my time. I really like the lead actress. I hope she continues to do more. She reminds me of a younger Helena Bonham Carter, her look mostly, though that might be influenced by her character being named Helena. I also saw the preview for The Chronicles of Narnia. Looked impressive.

Smoking Guns and Red Herrings - In the wake of Fitzgerald's indictment of Dick Cheney's "alter ego" Scooter Libby, here is what we should and should not expect to happen next.

That Oh-So-Natural Fruity Feeling - Right-wingers are frothing over a new study showing that sexual preference among fruit flies (and maybe humans, too) has genetic roots.
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