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That was fun. Me, Emmy, Kira, Juliana, Julika, Ariane, Sam went to Laurens house and held our annual bonfire. We went out to Lauren's backyard and started a fire, and burned all our homework and dedicated all the burning papers to all the crappy things/people that we encountered over the year. Quite fun. We also watched Blade on tv. I hadnt seen it before...It probably wasnt as good as the unedited version, but it was ok, i guess. Emmy's still ignoring me, nothing new there.... Umm....Yeah....

Quotes of the year:
Crayons taste like purple!!!
When you fold it in half, it rhymes.
What is 6x7?
Dont pet the green unicorns
Lobster sticks to magnet.
Penguin darwinism will save your soul.

Box Car Racer, Something Corporate, Goldfinger....

Schooooooooool's out...for the SUMMER!!!
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