Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

I just saw Broken Flowers and loved it. Jim Jarmusch is one of my favorite directors. It was perfect for the mood I was in. I didnt exactly get a lot of sleep last night, and while I wasnt really sleepy, I was definitely ready to just lean back and watch this story unfold. A lot of people said it was slow. It was, but 1) not in a bad way - I was entertained every minute of it, and 2) Um, yeah, that's Jarmusch for you - I was expecting it. This movie made the most normal characters eccentric without trying. I had at least an amused smirk on my face the entire time. It was just hilarious without telling you where or when to laugh. Roger Ebert (though I generally dont pay any attention to his critiques) remarked, "Jarmusch makes films about outsiders, but they're not loners, they're soloists," which is such an interesting way to look at it, and so true. This was the first movie I've seen in a while that I didnt check my watch during.

And how can you not love a theatre that sells homemade brownies and tea alongside the popcorn and candy? :)

Oh yeah - Depeche Mode tomorrow. :)
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