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satanic bible, pink floyd, ehren, cds....yeah

dammit....these cds are supposed to be enhanced, but nothings there. :-( if anyone has darrin's coconut ass or stomping ground by goldfinger and has figured it out, please let me know.

anybody heard of kmfdm? megan and her friends jenny and ehren introduced me to them yesterday. they're not bad if you like hard rock. they sound like rammstein but in english.

why are people in socorro so fucked up?? i swear, everyone i know besides me is seriously suicidal. its driving me crazy trying to help them. everyone is socorro is fucked up and depressed, and everyone in abq is mean and/or suicidal. wonderful. i'm moving ASAP!!!!!! dont get me wrong. i want to help them. i guess its just that i dont understand how or why anyone would want to or could kill themselves. i dont like pain. its not a nice thing. i just dont see how anyone could actually do that. if you're reading this and are depressed and are my friend (or not, i dont care) please talk to me. i dont want you to die. i dont want any of my friends to die. :-(

hehe...i had a fun weekend. i read the satanic bible, watched pink floyd the wall, and ate ice cream cake. :-D

(I went to my friend megan's sister grad party yesterday and thats where most of this happened)

Satanic bible. dont get the wrong impression. I'll start by saying I'm not a satanist. i dont worship satan, even satanists dont worship satan. Anyway, this book has some really good points. as i said, i dont consider myself a satanist. i dont know enough about it yet. but, if it keeps going the way i think it will, it's the perfect religion for me. next time you are in a bookstore, just browse through it. it's by anton lavey. past page 105, its just how to perform rituals and stuff (no, not sacrificing, or "evil" stuff like that), but i had a lot of fun reading the first 100 pages. i'll give more details when i get a copy of it and can quote stuff. (responses i've gotten when i said "i read the satanic bible yesterday" : "thats an oxymoron" and "wasnt it scary?" - both coming from very religious christians and the latter i went on to inform and break the stereotypes)

Pink Floyd. You all know pink floyd. i hope you do, at least. i saw the wall this morning. weird movie. my friend says you need to know about the singer's life in order to understand it, and i dont, so it was just weird. the animation was pretty awesome, though. one of my earliest memories was when i was about 5. me and my brother were in the living room. i was on the floor playing dominoes or doing a puzzle or something, and my brother (6 years older than me) was watching the wall. my mom told me to go play in the other room because it was too scary for me. seeing it today, i remember that that the part i saw was when the hammers were marching.

Ice cream cake. Yeah. I had ice cream cake.

I also bought 4 new cds. goldfinger - "darrins coconut ass" and "stomping ground". box car racer - s/t, something corporate - "leaving through the window" :-D

Megan also lent me 11 of her cds so i can rip them onto my computer. :-D pink floyd - "the division bell" "a momentary lapse of reason" and "wish you were here", marilyn manson - "smells like children", rammstein - "mutter" and "live aus berlin", rob zombie - "hillbilly deluxe", spineshank - "the height of callousness", static-x - "machine", bush - "6teen stone", and sublime - s/t. none of those i would actually buy for myself, but i'm glad i have them now.

Ehren. Ehren went to jefferson and i remet him yesterday. i didnt really know him in mid school, but i did think he was really cute. let me tell you, he has only gotten better. oh. my. god. hes so nice and so funny. he was freaking out over megans lizard. he's the satanist that lent megan the satanic bible that i was reading last night. (zoinks!)
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