Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

my hair!!!

In this past ten minutes, ive decided im going to dye my hair next weekend. i have it all figured out. i'll ask pablo if he'll help me (he will). he's helped a lot of people. and hes practically a professional at it. he dyes his hair a different color almost every week. ill ask him tomorrow and ask for suggestions on what brands are good. i'm going to abq tomorrow, so i'll get the dye at the mall there. i havent asked my mom yet, but i doubt she'd have problems with it. what color? well, it will eventually fade, even if it is permanent, so i have to consider that, too. red faded looks pink, and thats usually pretty ugly. green faded usually becomes this gross color, so i've decided with blue. no one knows about this. i didnt even know i was going to do this an hour ago.ive never even considered dying my hair. but about a half an hour ago, i was thinking about why i wouldnt. i like my blonde hair, and people often ask me if i've dyed it blonde. i'm always proud to say "nope. i've never dyed my hair" but i decided thats a stupid reason, and if i keep saying that, the next thing i'll know i'll be 30 and regret it. anyway, yeah, its perfect timing, too. im going to a mest/unwritten law show on monday, so my it'll still be new and not faded yet...woo! im so excited now! :-D anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/expericences?

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