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"too much to live for to die now..."

I have been staying up later and later in order to be fully awake for my 8am exam this morning. Awake until 5am one day, 10am the next, 2pm the next, and yesterday I slept from 5pm - 1am, and now I wont be groggy for my exam. Ha! I beat the system. It's a lot easier to stay up later than to get up earlier, especially since we normally operate on a 25hr day anyway.

I have six days after I get back from NM before school starts again. I have a list of places I can go to keep me from being a lazy bum during that time (and later too - it's a big list). Looking at all my past photos, landscapes seem to be what I'm best at - must be genetic :) - though I wouldn't have guessed. Though it's hard to discern a landscape photo that's good not just because "omg, you can see really far" and that's what I'm in the midst of figuring out.

I love Left Unsaid.

The best Xmas tree topping ever
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