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pointless amusement

A meme similar to the "Google 'your name' is/thinks/feels/etc" was on myspace: Google "'your name' was killed by". I did, and, unsurprisingly, no results. So I googled "killed Serafina" and found an RPG play of the day, which I thought was interesting, so here you go:

"Kill the Halfling. Kill her now."

Navaho raced down the hall and kicked open the door to the sitting room, waking Serafina unceremoniously. Confused, she told Navaho to leave her alone. But he simply charged in and stabbing her un-armored form with his magic longspear. Serafina rose before curing herself, subjecting herself to an attack of opportunity as she rose to her feet. In the hallway Nikolas called out: "Navaho, stop!"

Navaho was hit squarely in the back with a Melf's Acid Arrow. The Fighter attacked Serafina again, a well placed thrust laying waste to her right kidney and liver, severely weakening her. She cast again, returning her health as Nikolas fired another acid arrow at Navaho.

It was that moment when Zander regained his senses and decided to return to tell his new master the job was done. He came to the doorway and saw Navaho attacking Serafina, and Nikolas attacking Navaho. "What's going on?"

"Navaho's gone crazy! He's trying to kill Serafina..."

[DMs comments: at this point I realised that it would only be a matter of time before Navaho killed Serafina, and Zander killed Navaho (probably because it would be too simple to suggest that Navaho kill Zander). That would leave only Zander and the man he made a bargain with; who would slit his throat the next time he slept. It was time to have the evil guy do something stupid.]

"He's been suggested, he’s under a magic spell!" Serafina cried. Zander reacted, casting Evard's Black Tentacles to encompass the three of them. Serafina and Navaho were entangled in the tentacles, but Nikolas marched straight to Zander.

"Damn fool!" Transforming into the tiger-beast, he slapped Zander directly in the face, his beast's claws raking across his beautiful face. Zander defended himself. As Navaho and Serafina struggled against the tentacles, Zander cast first one spell, then another against the tiger beast. It fell, it's body torn asunder by the elemental forces Zander had subjected it to. Zander dismissed the tentacles, Navaho shook his head, suddenly finding himself in control of his own mind again.

Edit: "Serafina killed" gave only two results: An excerpt from The Golden Compass, and a page (nor its cache) that doesnt exist anymore, titled "bizarre rubber clothing do bizarre rubber clothing bizarre torture ..." with "... "Serafina, Serafina, Serafina . killed. lesbian, Please select. ..." as what brought the result, and a url of interracial_love/bizarrerubberclothing.html - I think I'm fine with not knowing what that was all about...

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