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I just added three new dvds to my collection: snatch, edward scissorhands, and pulp fiction. yay.

I organize my dvds in a six-degrees-of-kevin-bacon kinda way. I have seven that aren't connected to any others, but then I have matrix and memento, and there's dogma and clerks, and there's princess bride, stand by me and phonebooth.

Then there's: murder in the first, rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead, pulp fiction, bandits, 12 monkeys, kalifornia, meet joe black, fight club, snatch, fear and loathing in las vegas, edward scissorhands, benny and joon, dead man, coffee and cigarettes, and down by law. Didja follow that?

I was excited when I realized snatch allowed me to connect my johnny depp collection with my brad pitt collection through benicio del toro. i didnt realize i had so many bruce willises (just three, but still). i still need the fifth element, though.

i'm a dork.

ETA: Ooh, I'd forgotten Ben Affleck was in Dazed and Confused, so I can put that next to Dogma. :)
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